Mayhem modes modifiers. Suggestions for balancing

As it is, right now mayhem mode modifier provide pure randomness. And as such, not really well balanced for fair and fun gameplay. Players often will keep reloading maps eitehr to get rid of utterly frustruating modifiers, like this…
Or to get totally totally OP modifiers, where M3 mode literally would be easier than normal mode

To adjust that, first you need separate modifiers into two groups:
First group is purely difficulty modifiers. Where mobs will get random resistant to element, higher health, and so on.
Second one is more of gameplay modifier. Where players gets both buffs and debuffs. Not necessary making game harder, but driving players to change playstyle a little bit.

And following those rules modes should get following:
Mayhem 1 - 1 difficulty modifier, 2 gameplay modifiers
Mayhem 2 - 2 difficulty modifiers, 2 gameplay modifiers
Mayhem 3 - 2 difficulty modifiers, 2 gameplay modifiers

That way M3 mode both never will feel unfun, with neither only difficulty rolls, nor OP rolls.

Further more some roll particular modifiers need to be adjusted:
“Skillful: Players deal 50% less damage with all guns, but gets 45% reduced cooldown and increased damage with skills.” - let’s be honest, over 99% of all damage done in game - is gun damage. And reducing gun damage to half will simply never feel fun. 25% penalty would be somewhat tolerable. Although overall skill damage right now also quite low for mayhem 3 mode. To really reward players with that modifier, make skill damage increased by 100%. Then perhaps players again will start using Iron Bear on Mayhem 3 mode.

“Hit and run” and “Aim for the head” simply never should be rolled together. As practically when both rolled at the same time - all gun damage simply reduced by 25%. Single instance of those modifiers are fine. As they proposed to use more specific guns, with good damage increase.


agreed , even you can deal enough damage with 3 -dmg modifier theres also 30% bullet reflection which pretty much cause the game unplayable

Well, bullet reflection just got nerfed to 10% chance.
I was about to suggest make bullet reflection as game modifier roll instead. Something like:
20% bullet reflection chance, -25% overall damage resistance on all enemies. Very high risk/vs reward modifier.
You could still play it with guns that have low projectile speed, and/or at higher range, or with guns that don’t get projectiles reflected (like Flakker). And overall been rewarded by been able to kill mobs significantly faster.

I was kinda hoping for more of a focus on specific buffed enemies for mayhem than it being like random skulls being turned on in halo myself. More of a ‘work around this new obstacle’ like a group of enemies with a special buff to resist something than a ‘change your playstyle to suit our random thing for this entire map.’ thing like every time you are playing you have claptrap from the pre sequel on your team. but if they made it more consistent and balanced that might help it be an end game ‘choice’ which is what they seem focused on. I think part of the problem is that theirs no option that boosts droprates as much as mayhem so players are going to be funneled into it weather they like it or not because FOMO. If there were multiple options for challenge spikes with loot spikes that didn’t stack and met the different interests of different players it would make each mode be able to be it’s own thing without having to please everyone.

They should allow the modifiers to be selected. The more modifiers you select the better drops, xp, loot.

I think they should do away w/ the random modifiers and just add some crazy effects. Moon gravity, big-head mode for non-boss enemies, etc. All the enemies in this area are Skags w/ a tink riding them. Enemy factions are at war (different enemy types spawn and fight each other when you trigger their initial spawn)

…Maybe in a DLC.

The problem w/ random negative modifiers is people will just quit out if its not good, makes farming even more tedious. Bosses should respawn once you leave the area, random modifiers should be per game not area at least.

Each modifier should have 2 parts, balancing each other. LIke:

  1. Enemies have 10% more HP but move 10% slower.
  2. 25% more gamage to fire but 25% less damage from shock, etc.

Yeah, not a huge fan of the current mayhem system.

It seems like Mayhem 1 is harder than TVHM (no Mayhem) and Mayhem 2 is harder than 1. Where it gets weird is that Mayhem 3 can be significantly easier than 2, or it can basically turn everything into massive bullet sponges, which just amounts to frustration.

After farming bosses for a few hours over the last couple of nights, I was not able to discern any noticeable difference in loot drops between 2 and 3.

What compounds the frustration even more is that to effectively play Mayhem 3, you really need to have multiple builds. The absolute mess of a bank/bag system, makes that harder than it needs to be.

Until the dust settles, I am going to just stick with Mayhem 2 for a while when I am solo.

That Would be crazy , i would just pop everything except - dmg on graveward

Only negative multipliers. How is that crazy? Seems pretty logical since you are looking for challenge and currently and mods can be rerolled making it M3 sometimes easier than normal.