Mayhem modifier - Enemies fire 1 additional projectile

What am I getting myself into people!


It’s not so bad on regular maps, but if you’re doing something like Slaughter Shaft where you’re going to see a lot more Badasses with rocket launchers, then it sucks.

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And just now I have

-5% dam on all guns
+25% Skill Dam and CD rate

Enemies take 15% less damage from Corrosive

Some modifiers are just plain safer are they not?

Rocket nightmares!!!

You got good ones so far. Mh3 modifiers can get allful. Especially the -45% sheild recharge delay and rate, and health regen. Thats the only one i wont play.

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But… I need my shields (/’.’)/

Thats rough

Actually, that one can be alright. What really sucks is when you get your damage output nerfed. If you’re unlucky you can have your elemental damage, your non-elemental damage and also specific weapon classes get nerfed.
On the other hand, I guess it depends on the character you’re playing as. I do rely a lot on just lifesteal for survivability on Zane but I guess Fl4k with his more passive health regen or Moze with her shields might have a rough time.

I play moze so it kind of sucks for me.