Mayhem modifier ideas (let's make a FUN list for Gearbox)

I’ve seen a lot of threads and a lot of complaints about how Mayhem modifiers work. Instead, let’s create a list of modifiers that would make the game more difficult but really FUN. I’ll add some first but please help add some ideas and I’ll edit the post!

I know some of these would be very difficult (or even impossible) to implement but some could drastically change the game in a much better way than the boring increases to health/shields, lowering our gun damage, etc that are currently used.

Enemy effects:

-Super speed
-Enemies set off novas when they die
-Jet packs (except Anointed, that would be insane, haha)
-BA’s can copy your VH’s action skill and use it against you
-Super jump
-All enemies have lasers (creatures could also shoot lasers from their mouths)
-All enemies have the same function as Goliaths where they become enraged after shooting their head.
-Enemies glitch (blink in-and-out so that you can’t always hit them)
-New attacks; melee enemies can all tornado like BA pyschos (even creatures), NOG’s could rain fire down on us like the Rain Firestorm nade, etc
-Enemies can enter FFYL and revive each other
-Every time an enemy hits you they shrink in size (to a limit), making them harder to hit.
-Enemies can summon loaderbots

Player effects:

-Cursed by Kaleidoscope (vision is obscured by rotating color palettes)
-Rubber ducky mode (like CL4TP in TPS)
-Players can actually become frozen solid for 1 second by cryo dmg
-Every grenade you throw is also thrown back at you (so you better run fast after chucking one, haha)
-After killing an enemy a globe of darkness falls over you that you have to move away from to see again
-When in FFYL, emit radiation that makes it harder for allies to revive you
-AS cooldown is increased
-When you pull the trigger your entire clip fires
-When you shoot an enemy with an element, all that enemy’s attacks now deal that element to you

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