Mayhem modifiers change when player joins game

I’ve noticed this week that, with my game open to the public, when some random joins my game, the mayhem modifiers change on the fly. It’s repeatable every time somebody joins. When I invite friends and they join, the modifiers stay where I had them.

This brings up two points: how is a player joining a game, able to make the game change mayhem modifiers on the fly, w/o reloading the map? Also, if that’s the case, then why do we have to reload the map to reroll modifiers when somebody joining makes the game do it w/o map reload?

I’ve reported this as a bug.


I have the same issue on mayhem 10; it’s really annoying since I thought I was considered the host. I wonder if the guest’s settings are overwriting mine or if we’re both just getting some random modifiers.

The worst part is that the modifiers remain if I quit and start again; I have whatever modifiers the guest brought into our game. So I end up re-rolling to get something in line with what I want.

Can anyone else confirm if their settings are overwriting the host’s when joining?

I was considered the host every time this happened. When I really like the modifiers I have, I’ve been closing my game to randos, which sucks because I love the Borderlands community and how sharing they are with loot. I’ve had so many join me, play for a while, then drop great loot and leave.

I hope this issue is addressed soon.

the same thing has happened to me from 2 days ago, as soon as someone enters my session, the modifiers change randomly, from today they change even if I invite some friends, so I can’t play with anyone anymore and this thing is very annoying , I hope they settle it soon

This issue is killing the joy when I want to help or host to players in mayhem 10. It’s already hard to find players in this game to join their session. Because of this issue, wasting my time to find my previous best affixes for mayhem 10. Also forcing to turn off to be hosting.

I’m guessing this happens because its somewhat like moving to a new map; adding new players to the map in essence “refreshes” the entire map it changes loot, enemies, and drop rates, the only way that could change live imo is with a complete map reset.

And we know that mayhem modifiers change between maps.
IF it is fixable hope it gets done.