Mayhem modifiers changing on new player entry

So this is just a rant basically so feel free to ignore me and move on but if the devs could listen and change this horsecrap that’d be great. Thaaaaaaanks.

This ■■■■■■ me so hard this morning. I spent ages last night before going to bed getting the perfect modifiers for a day of farming M10 for good ■■■■.

Come to this morning, open game, load in at Genaviv and begin running to the fight.

As I am falling into the room We hates it forever has joined the game. Checked my mods and they are now shiiiiiiit, like so ■■■■.

Then just leaves like 4 seconds later.

Many hours later Still can’t replicate what I had on before and have so much unnecessary bs to deal with now.

That guy has no idea he has even ruined my day but he has, just from one quick in and out. Probably done it to loads of people looking for a full group to carry him and now I have to suffer because of it. Thanks guy. I know you didn’t mean to or possibly even know but you are a ■■■■ and I hate you lol.

Why is this a thing? Whos dumb ■■■■ idea was this? and why were they not slapped around the face, really hard.

They shouldn’t change for anyone coming in to your game and no non host should be able to change your modifiers like some self entitled little ■■■■ stick. You want mods you like, set up your ■■■■■■■ game then dick head.

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Not had this happen to me but I totally feel your pain. Spent an hour re-rolling my modifiers. I would be pi$$ed if they changed and I had to do it again.

Yeap, if you have it set to an open lobby, a player joining resets the modifiers- either randomly or tries to take the players modifiers. Posted about it a while back. Works fine if set to friends only for me though.