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If i’m running an SMG Elementalist, and the enemy had up to 150% more health and shields, and they take 50% less damage from SMG’s and 50% less damage from Shock, I’m just gonna restart. I don’t see the point in them.

Today, i have restarted so many times to avoid stupidly bad modifiers it’s becoming a chore just tuning in a build and playing. Personally i’d prefer just standard difficulty modifiers more in line with how Diablo does it.

Question: DO YOU LIKE having these random modifiers, or DO YOU RESTART in order to have something you prefer.

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Farming rare spawns is like…

Restart X5 for the right rolls
Turn up to spawn and not there so restart again
Then restart X5 for right rolls again



I think they needed to introduce some way to at least ban modifiers.


I also want to kill whoever suggest chance to Reflect. No skill base involved just a very stupid modifier


Reflect is an automatic restart…its a pointless modifier.


If i get reflect, -gun damage and - elemental damage in the same roll I restart. Anything else I’ll roll with.


I think what they need to do is do something like how Destiny handles the custom Nightfall modifiers. You should be able to customize the modifiers to some degree, and the harder the modifiers that you pick, the better the XP and loot drops.

That or have the modifiers be static for 24 hours, and then change each day. As of right now, the modifiers were a cool idea, but clearly are not working as intended.


There’s only 1 modifier I hate…The chance for enemies to reflect bullets. On FL4K and Amara, this can often lead to an instant death.

Other than that, the only problems I have with modifiers is that they will often cancel themselves out as you can get a modifier that lowers AR & Sniper dmg by 50%, and then immediately followed by a modifier that buffs them by 50%, making both of them useless.


I like the modifiers. They add an element of randomness and unpredictability to the game that I enjoy quite a bit. I never re-roll them either, I deal with whatever I get and I do find that a lot of fun.


i don’t mind mayhem modifiers on as a whole, i rarely even check which are active honestly (which is a problem in itself). i do think it’s wildly incosistant though, it doesn’t really do what it seems to encourge you to do, which is change your loadout based off current modifiers. right now, for me atleast it just works until it suddenly doesn’t and most of the time only viable solution would be to refresh instead of try to counter play it.

this is what i’m disliking. in most games you create your build. then go out, test it, and if viable use it. even with various elements and weapons some of the modifiers group up against you in such a harsh way you literally cannot play and have to refresh.

so a build that might be good, like we would of had in B2 may be awesome one minute and garbage the next.

i don’t mind having some random stuff, but not a whole group of very negative ones which creates a massive imbalance.


Not good choices tbh. I do not like them, but I often times will not restart. Most of the time although it can make a chore out of menial content I suffer through lol My biggest gripe is that it makes elemental weapons a 150% necessity aka it makes nonelemental weapons absolutely useless a HUGE portion of the time. Also some stacking negatives are just downright cruel. -gun damage, +enemy health and fire rate/damage with reflect chance YIKES, sorta feel like some of these shouldn’t be able to be on at the same time tbh lol

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I don’t always restart, but 30% reflection chance is an immediate re-roll. The only way they could kill me is having my own bullets coming back at me.

I’m voting option 3. I much preffered the difficulty scaling of the previous Borderlands games

I think the Mayhem modifiers would be fine if they were limited to their own zones(kinda like Mutator rounds from BL: TPS). Or if the Mayhem Mods were in a proving grounds type of area but leave the rest of the real endgame to just traditional difficulty scaling.

In other words, I like them just fine but not as the “be all” of endgame content. In that capacity, it’s a lazy and artificial way to present a challenge.

Just my opine.


I don’t mind.It never bothered me.
You can reroll if you are farming something and you want it fast.

However I can easily see how a run can be ruined if someone isnt prepared.
Infact when I started to play on MH3 and did some matchmaking with random people.Once the whole party disbanded because of stacking debuffs.(No not reflection because thats still doable).
But since then,I know to bring everything with me.And most problems go away fast.

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Most of the times I dont mind the modifiers. But then there are combinations which are absolutley horrible. Stacked versions of resistance against certain types of damage for example. I mean, have fun playing with -150% normal gun damage and debuffs on my main weapons. Or the modifiers cancel themselves out by giving and removing weapon damages.

While some of the modifiers are great and actually fun to play with, some combinations absolutely ruin it, especially when farming rare spawning enemies…

This is loads of fun when the PS4 takes 40 seconds to load a map, too.


Mayhem modifiers are a pretty cheesy way to make things difficult.

Restarting a game just to get better modifiers seems like that alone is showing it’s pretty…well lousy.

Personally I prefer OP levels to Mayhem modifiers.


This. Give me back my bullet sponges with wolverine regeneration if you need, just stop putting me on the ropes with artificial difficulty modifiers. Do it the way that worked for seven years

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I have two standpoints on this.

From a general gameplay point of view, I don’t mind an extra level of wackiness added to a Borderlands game.

From a metagaming viewpoint, well, I don’t really need to add to what’s already been covered in this post and many others on these forums.

So I’m 50/50, I guess. Call me an undecided voter.