Mayhem Modifiers - make them "a la carte"

Mining for playable modifiers is a slog, as is trying to play the game with certain combinations of them.

So, why not (as with Guardian Ranks) provide a partial randomized list, and allow us to choose some?

The idea would be that each mod would alter the loot percentage based on just how favorable or unfavorable it might be. Rather than a flat 500%, you could choose mods that are less of a dead slog and settle for 325% or something.

Giving a random partial selection forces a bit of variety, but avoids simply unplayable combinations. Or just let folks pick from the whole list and get as weird as they want, with the loot % capping at 500.

(Also, just get rid of the 30% reflect - no one keeps it - and the 45% more HP and armor, since that’s covered under the base Mayhem stats, yeah?)


They are toning down the reflect by a lot they said. As for choosing that’s a pretty good idea. I’ve thought about getting to choose your own negative modifiers also, like how the underground was set up in division. You choose how many negative modifiers you want and the reward system gets better. That would be a whole rework of the current system though and I don’t know if they are willing to do that. Missed opportunity I guess.

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If “toning down the reflect by a lot” doesn’t mean “delete from the game”, then they have failed.


haha, well maybe a 10% wouldn’t be so bad. Just enough to be annoying but not enough to completely one shot yourself with a shotgun blast to the face.


The problems I have with the Bullet Reflect modifier are that it penalizes you in too many ways.

It forces the player to stay at mid range or farther so they can dodge, which neuters aggressive playstyles. It also forces you to constantly strafe, which means you either need to be really good to make headshots, or just spray and pray. A shotgun sounds ideal but if you get close enough to make them effective you get bullets back in the face. But you can’t eat the amount of damage that comes back with sustained fire. How bout a high RoF weapon? Nope, just more bullets to reflect and kill you. So now I just need to run around and kill enemies slowly with hard hitting weapons that I can’t take the time to aim with.

It’s not challenging - it’s just tedious and forces a completely counter-intuitive playstyle that works against a lot of the weapons and mechanics that make the game fun.


^This. I run an aggressive Deadeye build. I felt all of this. Good job!


In its current state I totally agree.