Mayhem Modifiers Manual change

Please please please tell me that we’ll eventually be able to choose our own modifiers. I hate having to re roll the the specific ones I desire whenever one of them gets changed. My game crashed and when I went back in my “Drone Ranger” got swapped with “Laser Flare”. I was only mildly annoyed since Laser isn’t that bad but i would prefer ranger, it took an hour to get back the set up I had. I beg that we get the option of choosing them one by one rather than by random, i’m really dreading the event when we have all easy modifiers and fear I may have to fix my modifiers to there originals on all of my characters. :disappointed_relieved:


As said many times before in these forums; let us have the ability to turn them off completely. I’m sure we’d all appreciate the extra frames.


Yes, we need 2 options -

Let us turn off modifiers completely with no penalty, and let us choose which modifiers if we wish to use them for the added tediousness.

These options will equal many happy VH’s playing the game and enjoying it, having a bit of fun which is what gaming is all about.

Neither of these basically means many unhappy VH’s not playing and enjoying other games, just like I have been doing since the dedicated drop event ended. At least that balanced out some the problems BL3 had for a little while.


Absolutely nothing of value would be lost by giving players the ability to choose or disable their modifiers


I like the modifiers… since the shock explosion is really helpfull with a transformer shield and the speed buff ist soooo nice for come around the map fast. Big head mode is a huge thing on my fl4k. They could get some bug fixxes, but for the most part I really like them.

But yeah… would like to choose them. Have atm 3/4 modifiers I wanted to have, but only for the reason that I dont wanted to spend more time than I have to on them.

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Think if I could choose or turn off modifies I’d play mayhem 10 more instead of re-rolling again and again because I keep getting rogue lite and post mortem, my least favourites to get, then switching to mayhem 1 cause I get sick of re-rolls.


I ask about modifiers in the latest hot fix notice and they said " they are aware of the comments " to paraphrase.

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I just don’t like that GB is treating this like it’s a PvP game. Yes, give us the ability to turn off the modifiers, AND for those that want them, the ability to choose each one. What’s the downside here, I just don’t get it???!!! Since we’re not competing against each other there’s absolutely no reason for managing the game the way they do.

The way GB chose to add difficulty to the game by way of the modifiers and then limiting the chance for getting the best gear behind Mayhem 10 leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t thing GB understands the meaning of “fun”. I want to be able to obtain the most powerful gear without having to do it under M10 rules. BULLET SPONGE AI IS NOT THE ANSWER. If I want specific annointments I have no choice. How is this fun?! The simple answer is that IT IS NOT. You’d think they’d understand that by now.


For me Rogue Lite is the second best “Very Hard” modifier after Holy Crit combined with Galaxy Brain.

Except when I’m running a Deathless build. Then it’s the worst.

Lol, Rogue Lite is one of the worse for splash Moze as well. She likes to kill herself more than the enemies do.


What is then your favorite very hard modifier? My is by far post mortem because the skull spawns once every 5-10 enemies. Compared to buddy system or the frozen orbs modifiers (which are supposed to be easier) a real blessing.

I usually run Dazed and Infused, its only ever a problem when bosses are affected by their weakness. Like raid bosses being immune to corrosive.

Thats the one I like too. Mobs get cleared extremely quickly. Only certain bosses are annoying but all it takes is swapping to the other weakness of them. Corrosion to cryo. Shock to radiation. Fire to other forms of damage.


I generally don’t even mind the modifiers (except that some of them unfortunately make my game go crash), some I like, some I hate. The way I see it, making them optional and letting us set them individually would add a lot. At the moment, once I have a decent set of modifiers, I bloody well stick with them. It discourages me switching through different mayhem levels more often. It discourages playing around with the modifiers, to try out stuff, or to just have a bit of fun, or whatever.

One day I might play without them, one day I might pull out all the worst ones only to have a bit of a laugh. But not with the current system of rolling them.


I would love a way to choose my modifiers!!! It would also be a great opportunity to incentivize the selection of the harder ones by giving them specific benefits. I would def turn on Rogue Lite if it meant I could get better dedicated drop rates.

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Modifiers are annoying to a lot of people. They bring no challenge, other than annoying the fun gunplay.
They cause crashes and freezes on many players.
They block players from using their elemental damages, crits and whatnot, as a way to generate challenge. (which does make you squeeze the brain a bit more than without, but its more annoying than anything)

More friends would play with me (and others would buy the game more often thanks to my recommendations… ) if they didnt have to deal with rolls.

What im tyring to say is THEYRE ANNOYING AND WORTHLESS! But, still a fun gimmick for SOME TIMES. Not permanently.