Mayhem modifiers proposition - Replace normal enemies - baddass with badass - bosses / Increased number of spawnable enemies

I would love to see the massacre we could have on the game if instead of boring or horrible modifiers like “floor is lava” and “not the face” we could have real fun modifiers to make the game more of a intense bloodbath having increased number of spawnable enemies combined with making them replaced by only badass and bosses

Note: Boss meaning no big enemy like graveward but instead of human size like Aurelia or brick/lilith in DLC 4.

The modifiers could be for hard mode and be:

-“Normal” and “badass” enemies get replaced by “badass” and “boss” respectively.

  • X% increased number of spawnable enemies ingame.

This modifiers could also be tweaked to instead give increased % to spawn a “badass” or “minor boss”:

-X% chance for a spawned enemy to be “baddass” or “minor boss”.

How would you guys balance this? giving chance to spawn bosses would make farming more easy so we could have decreased drop rate just like mayhem 11.


Hm, sounds good. I’d play that.
can you explain it a little more, is it just bosses or can it be any “named” enemy too?

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Yes named enemies could count too, the main reason is to increase the amount of bosses for more diversity of enemies but I dont know if we let SpongeBoss BulletPants of DLC 4 to count for a boss, imagine having the bad luck of having two of them spawn on the battlefield!

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yeah that should definitely be limited, but that boss would be too big anyway right, the giant psycho?

anyway if it can be done well/correctly it sounds like a good challenge and a lot of fun.