Mayhem Modifiers. Share Your Ideas

What would you like to see with Modifiers in Mayhem or in Mayhem 2.0? Here is my ideas. I will be using MAYHEM 1 as an example with the numbers I use and since it Mayhem 1, one of each buff, nerf, and other will be randomize. Higher mayhem will add 1 more to the mix


  • +10 [Weapon Type]
  • +10 [Weapon Manufactor]
  • +10 [Element]
  • Grenades does 1.3x more damage
  • Melee does 1.5x more damage
  • Shield recharge rate and delay (unsure what to put with this)
  • Movement speed increase by 1.3x
  • Splash damage radius increase
  • DoT last little longer and deals little more damage


  • Enemies will deal more [Element] damage on you
  • Enemies will regen shields faster and have lesser delay
  • Enemies will regen health by 1% each second after some time of not receiving any damage
  • Enemy movement speed increase
  • There will be bit more Badass enemies
  • Splash Damage radius increase from enemies


  • Magazine size increases but reload time will be longer
  • Reloading will be quicker but mag size will be shorter
  • Zero gravity and you will perform slams anytime with high jumps
  • Improve sliding
  • You will lose portion of shields and health overtime if no enemy is damaged in active combat

I remember some mutators in TPS but I feel at least most of these would be good. What’s your ideas for modifiers? Share you ideas


Difficulty settings should be fixed, not random. And farming modifiers just to make sure you get the difficulty settings you want before even starting to play is the most asinine, poorly thought out, inexcusably annoying design choice ever made for game difficulty settings.

I mean really, I have to farm modifiers before I can even start playing so my game this time will be just like it was last time? Like this game isn’t entirely farming based anyways. Oh no! There’s not enough farming already, how can we make even more farming? I know, Modifiers, so now we even have to farm the settings you want to start the game with! 10 minutes of load, check, save, quit, reload, check, save, quit, etc… until we find the same settings so the gameplay is consistent? Yay?


Whoever thought this was a good idea should be forced to farm their car to set the acceleration and braking in their car when they start it. That way the acceleration and braking is completely random every time they start the car, and they can turn it off and back on a few dozen times before the car drives the same as it did last time.

See if they think the concept is a really a good design then.


What made M1-M3 difficult was the gun nerfs that is stacking up like negative gun damage, negative gun types, and sometimes negative elemental damage. I think with what I put is fair compare to M1-M3 ones.

Haven’t list a negative gun damage which is good. It makes certain guns someone likes to use not get impacted rather than a buff. M4 seems good but I guess I’m not sure since M4 is suppose to be very tough without the modifiers added

IMO the modifiers shouldn’t be “farmable”. The whole point of it is to adapt to the hand you’re dealt. Every one wants the game to be a challenge while taking out the forms of challenge that are there.

The game is still too broken to be asking for more advanced AI to increase difficulty and TBH the story is to meh to do a third play through as they would put this in as UVHM. Their design teams need to focus on fixing the bugs and big issues first, then DLC to keep up the bottom line.

As far as modifiers go the only one I absolutely hate though is double projectiles on a map with all humans/bots.
Ones I would add:

  • more badass one would be cool especially if loot-tink(jabbers etc) are part of that pool. And as long as this goes in after they fix the issues with anointed as they would likely be in this pool too.

  • $ bonus on critical kills

  • Eridium bonus on slide kills

  • basic level enemies do x% more damage

  • Movement speed reduced on X (as a Zane main that one hurt to type but I welcome the challenge and would love to see some builds not based around movement)

  • enemies have X chance to drop a live grenade when killed

  • X% bonus luck


Not sure if it can realisticaly be implemented at this point, but I would do that:

Run of the mill:
Keep the fixed health/shield/armor bonus for ennemies + more badasses/annointed spawn
No random modifiers
Mayhem missions : objective is to complete a trial, circle of slaughter, or kill a designed monster boss . It is possible to activate only once a day , BUT you have a guaranted reward as legendaray annointed gear if you success , modifiers will apply during those missions
but only affect the enemies not the player, the more dangerous the modifiers the greater the reward.
This way you keep things interesting as there a guaranted reward and it is non farmable, people can still do normal stuff if they want , if they do risky mission they are incited to continue even with bad modifiers because guaranted loot

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The whole system needs to be reworked. Right now it’s just super boring. Inflating and deflating damage with boring buffs and de-buffs. The modifiers should be striving to create new and interesting ways to play. Like for example, how about a low gravity modifier. Players can jump real high, and fall slow. While enemies take reduce damage while the player is on the ground, but increased damage while in the air. Or big head mode, where all the enemies have giant heads. Taking reduced normal damage, but increased Crit damage. Stuff like that. That try to create various chaotic player experiences.

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Just use something like TPS modifiers

Vampire- Lose x health every second, damage enemies to regain x health
0 Gravity- Move 15% slower, jumps go 50% higher and farther
Sniper- gain increased damage from X meters away. Deal less damage the closer you are
Brawler- melee and shotguns deal 50% more damage
Rabbit- you gain 50% movement speed. Enemies gain 75% movement speed
Crouching Tiger- deal 40% increased damage while crouching
Hidden dragon- Deal 50% more damage to unaware enemies

Stuff that rewards you for DOING specific things, not just having them equipped.

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I agree the modifiers shouldn’t be so easy to reset, but I don’t know how they would implement something to counteract it. I enjoy the randomness of mayhem (except mh4 which is almost pointless to look at the modifiers), but it would be neat if they were on a fixed timer of like an hour or something and we had no control over changing them.

On that note, @godlike13 mentioned the discrepancy in damage from when you are grounded vs in the air and I think that is money! Some modifiers like this would be very interesting indeed.

That also would give airborne annointed more usage hopefully. So far I’m seeing nice ideas overall <3

We could find out how to make sliding annointeds more useful in some sliding modifier

Movement speed reduced would hurt Fl4k and Moze more than Zane and Amara who can negate speed. Would definitely not be a fan of that one especially on Fl4k who is already slow as molasses. Unless it added value for luck, then might be game.

I am down for modifiers that actually change the game up a bit, not just the typical run of the mill Mayhem we have now.

This is my idea of Mayhem 3.0:
This would be seperate from current system to add perks you choose.
First Select Mayhem 1-4 (this sets your enemy HP/Loot/Luck)
Pick your modifiers (up to 4)

Low Gravity (Neutral)
Double jump (Neutral)
Extra slide speed (-100% luck)
Big head enemies (-100% luck)
Smaller enemies (+50% luck)
Faster enemies (+50% luck)
Turtle mode: enemies have 50% more hp but speed is 50% attack/move slower
(-25% luck)
Rabbit mode: enemies have 50% less HP but speed is 50% attack/move faster
(+25% luck)
Enemies fire +3 projectiles (+100% luck)
Extra Anointed Enemies spawn (+100% luck)
Extra Loot Tinks spawn (-300% luck)
Enemies take 25% more elemental damage (-75% luck)
Disable Action Skills (+300% luck)
While airborne damage is increased 50% (-100% luck)
Damage received is increased by 50% (+150% luck)

Added: Reason I like this set up is that you can customize it to make it more fun just to mess around/making it easier with some, or you can make it more challenging for fantastic chance at loot.

Allow only white/green weapons. Then it’s all about the skill, not the build.

I would like to see some modifiers that create mayhem, like the life drain modifier you mentioned.
Some I think would make mayhem and difficulty would be.
Enemies are sponsored by a manufacturer, giving all their weapons those perks.
Enemy health, shield and armor are all decided randomly. So a robot can have health shields and shield armor or we can get armored anointed.
Enemies blow up or spawn a grenade on death.
Enemies are randomly granted jetpacks on spawn.
Enemy bullets can reflect off of hard surfaces and have a 10% chance to chain 10% damage to the nearest ally with 10 yards on hit.
Badass enemies now gain FFYL and may revive each other, you may shoot them to speed up the drain.
An emboldened herald will spawn every several minutes to heal enemies and summon wraiths. Killing this enemy buffs your team’s damage and movement speed fir one minute.

Upon reloading loose between 30-5% of your clip but gain 15% reload speed. No effect on single shot clips.
On action skill cast gain a stack of karma for every stack your action skill cooldown rate and duration are decreased. Stacks last around half a minute.
When applying a status effect on an enemy you are inflicted with that status effect for half the duration at 10% of the damage.
FFYL time is cut in half, you gain greatly increased movement speed, fire rate and reload speed in FFYL.
Your shield us now flesh and your health now shield and will be treated as such by your regeneration abilities. (Maybe impossible)

Of course this game should take a look at destiny and Warframe, among others, to see what modifiers have not worked well in those games but Warframe has some cool ones.

I was thinking this my self as they do have adjustable gravity variables. Plus this would make the on slam relics more viable and the while airborne anoints not trash.

Make the Mayhem levels similar to Mayhem 4, but put daily quests out there with the crazy modifiers that would be optional. Maybe you take a bounty board quest that has X or Y modifier on it and offers Z or Q reward.

But in main game, i think there should be some kinda sliding scale, just like maliwan takedown should have. Maybe you select the mayhem mode, which would be 1-[whatever], then you select the amount of mayhem you want, say a scale of “Boring” to “Bonkers” or whatever. I’m not really being paid to think of how that would work for loot and what not, but i’d imagine giving players control over the weird things would make it more fun for them.

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Rereading this sentence, i know it looks like I am not a player, but am, in fact, a robot. This is true. I am a robot. That is all. Thank you

Mdoifiers that i like the most are:

  • Galaxy Brain (let’s be real, i can’t stop laughing when i see lilith with a big head)
  • Slayer: it feels great to finish of enemies that are low on Health with an melee, it changes the way i Play mayhem and i like it.

Modifiers that i Always reroll:

  • Floor is Lava: it’s just annoying to Keep moving while you check your loot, and let’s be real, it’s lot everywhere.
  • immunity to all Damage or certain Elements. While it’s not hard to shoot down the little drones, it’s repetitive. also switching your current weapon because the enemie is immune to an element is not to bad, but if your build only uses cryo/ Radiation, you are punished quite a lot if all enemies are immune to that.

New modifiers:

  • reinforcements: enemies can call for reinforcments when killed
  • together we are many: more enemy spawns
  • i haven’t seen you before: enemies are in randome combination (for example, a skag, a maliwan soldier and a tink spawned together as allies)
  • low gravitiy: similar to skywell 27. higher jumps.

Get rid of nerfs to our damage output, and anything that instakills us.

*no modiifers

*no modifies

let’s try this one


They should have made Planet Mayhem where Tannis tells you that some weird old and powerful Erdian Artifacts create unusual effects while there. The scaling happens everywhere else but the “fun” modifiers happen there. You give players who run the content there better drop chances For dedicates and custom Mayhem themed cosmetics.

Everyone wins. People who like the modifiers and the challenges get their sandbox and people who don’t get to play the game without them.