Mayhem modifiers should be optional

Pretty sure there isn’t a topic on this already, went and had a look to make sure and didn’t find anything but apologies if there is and I missed it

Title says what I mean, the mayhem modifiers are just irritating to play with after a while, there should be an option to keep them off if people wanted, to save them going down because the fire pool modifier killed them while looking at loot or to make melee builds non suicidal with the elemental nova modifier

It’d make YouTubers who show gear or builds a hundred times happier aswell, rather than having things that are affecting how the gun does damage or the build does damage getting in the way they’d be able to show its base effects without trouble against enemies

I’d rather have the x12k health back than the modifiers most of the time, and that’s saying something

I know it might not be for everyone to have them turned off but I still think the option should be there for those who want to have a base experience without the wacky stuff that gearbox wants to throw at us



I really, really hope they allow you to turn off the modifiers. I’m sure eventually when there’s a community patch a few years from now, they’ll figure out how to do it. But yeah, I don’t particularly care for them.

Make the option like you said - if you turn them off, kick the health back up to x12 or x15. I really dont care haha, just let me turn them off!


plenty xD
but its good to always bring it up again :slight_smile:


wish there was no anoints no modifiers mode :d


Even more screen clutter, more disrupting the player as opposed to challenging them and more opportunities for whatever is wrong with splash damage to proc and down you - what’s not to love?

I wonder how much hassle it was to code them in along with the ability to re-roll them.
It interests me because if such a pointlessly annoying and anti-fun mechanic was worth a lot of time and effort, it’s clear the team think it’s worthwhile and want it in the game.
This is troubling in itself, but on the other hand it shouldn’t be that much of a stretch time-wise to simply add a toggle to let us get rid of them.


Nothing like farming a boss and looking at your loot pile only to be snuck up on and insta-gibbed by 2 cryo-orbs stacked on top of each other!
Or going into a cutscene and going into FFYL because, killing enemy triggers cutscene but SIKE ORB SPAWN


The modifiers are the main thing that made M 2.0 suck. Basically. Doesn’t make it more difficult, just makes it silly, annoying, changes the game play in a goofy manner, causes lag that was already an issue, totally botched up coop in several ways. Sucked the fun out of it IMO.

It’s too much.


and didnt fix it until this day :x

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we’ve been rolling for the most neutral modifiers since day 1. not much has changed unfortunately


Mayhem modifiers are what make Mayhem Mode challenging or even interesting. Otherwise it’s just terribly dull bullet sponges. Also playing without Mayhem modifiers is easier than with so they would have to reduce the bonuses to rewards (XP, cash, improved loot, Eridium) accordingly.


i am very open for fighting my bullet sponges without disney modifiers, even i have to sacrifice drop rates for that :slight_smile:


I feel like they break immersion when you want to run the DLC with the highest loot rates but in the cutscenes everyones got a massive head!
Yeah, I know, re-roll but I don’t know, I feel like mayhem modifiers can be less zaney.


Thing is they don’t make it any more challenging, they literally just add annoyances to the game and that’s it, at which point is the floor is lava going to be challenging outside of looking at loot. In the middle of a fight nobody is going to be stood still anyway so then what’s its use other than to stop people looking at the rewards they just got

And if it makes the game more challenging then how come people still have builds that one shot things no matter what modifiers there are, it’s a useless mix of things they thought would be wacky fun for the whole family but do nothing in the long run besides be minor annoyances

Edit: and just before anyone jumps on me, I don’t have a problem with one shot builds, they’re fun as hell


Agreed, the only difficult part is how the cryo orbs and death skulls take longer to kill than the enemy that spawned them.


I haven’t even tried more than MM2 and wont play further until they make the modifiers optional, BL3 MM made OP levels in BL2 better (except the mandatory slag part)

I don’t mind some of them, like the healing orb one and the elemental immunity one, the healing orb adds challenge because you have to focus on that when it comes out, and the immunity makes you switch your weapons around a bit, which adds some nice variety, outside of that all the modifiers are trash

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I say let’s put that to the test. Make modifiers optional. Those like you can keep them on. Normal people without anti-social personalities can turn them off - I kid.

Seriously, that would be the easiest option. I have a feeling that someone, somewhere that said, “Let’s throw a ton of resources at building Mayhem modifiers” and they don’t want to review the data on how many people turn the modifiers off with their boss and explain just WTF happened.


At this point, they might as well let us pick and choose our mayhem modifiers. Make them customisable, as long as they conform to the correct categories (easy, medium, hard, very hard).


The current modifiers don’t really add challenge, and some of them are still broken. Buddy System drones have a nasty tendency to be behind walls and objects where you can’t even shoot them. Laser Fare still broken, kill one spinner, have two spawn as a replacement? Stupid.

As the Cartel event showed, on or two modifiers that would have potential would be spawning in extra enemies. One could spawn in a couple of extra badasses. These would add challenge and not be intrusive in any way.

The modifier “devices” should follow the same physics rules as everything else in the game. Instead, they go through walls and solid objects, are ignored by Pets, do not get affected by any extra projectiles or things like the Reflux and Brainstormer beams. They simply become and annoyance and can start making the game tedious as opposed to fun. Especially when the battle is over, you are in a cutscene, and still get killed by the stupid modifier. This is insane and whoever had any decision making on this should be demoted…


I think my throw the controller moment was floor is lava killing me in the slooooooow elevator in the Cartel Mansion because it didn’t register that combat was over before I jumped in the elevator.