Mayhem modifiers should be removed from the game


That’s. That’s great.

Yes. Randomly higher HP and damage pools are better than a randomly appearing set of ■■■■.

That’s what any meta game wants!

No, I see the point.

I should get gud, instead of the people who cant move back and forth.

This is a very politic way of making the point I’ve been getting at, while acknowledging the others.

Good times.

… I mean, kind of. In the same way that some people like chocolate and other people like vanilla.

As someone pointed out, M4 is a line to a … different thought. I’m still very loathe to try it just because it seem so similar to OP levels… and as stated. I hated them for forever. And ever.

I’m honestly shocked that anyone could call this game "limited’ as far as firearms go… they did a lot of backtracking into BL1’s system, and added the annointed ■■■■ on top of it.

I think the variation of guns in this iteration is as high as it’s been in a decade. I’m still banking weirdo guns just to try them later on other chracters.

I mean… yeah that’s utopia. I don’t think it’s feasible in any state. You’re basically talking about individual custom built farming runs.

No one has figured that out, and I dont think anyone will, cause it’s weird.

But if we’re wishing - I want a unicorn, with unicorn insurance.

But sure, I’d be on board with this if it was… remotely possible.

I still hate you on principal, but I’m on board with all this ■■■■. Most of it, anyway. I’m too drunk and still playing the game to point out th eindividual ones I dont like if we’re doing a full revamp, but yeah, I’m on board with a lot of em.

This feels like a fine compromise.

Your face is an OP level.

HAH. Deal with my next level burn.

I don’t know what this means, but if it’s all guns are chaos then im on board.

Yes. Lets all build a system where people only bother to get one character through because the first route is hell. That worked wonders before and everyone who wasn’t running a youtube channel had a great time.

UVHM worked well for 7 years, if people didnt enjoy UVHM then everyone wouldnt be going back to BL2

It’s not a bad idea, but weapon scaling in BL2 made it horrible.

I say that as someone who played it a lot during those years.

Unlike most people who bought the game who… may or may not know it existed.

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even on OP 10 enemies werent that hard to kill, on Mayhem 4 especially in arenas you need very specific setups to dish out damage and live which since badasses have 3 health bars clearing out arenas arent really fun to play through, the game is more fun without mayhem modes but at the same time too easy

… Did you just reply to yourself?

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I agree BL2 is probably the most unbalanced borderlands game but the game is still more enjoyable on UVHM, endgame builds in BL3 are pretty brain dead to use and arent really fun to use unless your using Zane

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just added on

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Ahh ok, I see the issue.

There’s a weird thing on these board where if you click “reply” directly to a post, then it looks like you replying directly do that person, like I’m doing right now.

If you want to do more stuff just related, it’s helpful to scroll all the way down and click the “reply” at the bottom of the thread - it doesn’t attach to anyone else’s comment.

Sorry for being picky, I’m used to being wasted and doing things.

Anyway to your actual points-

BL2 is amazingly balanced… at level 50. Like I don’t know how many people got to play it there, but I think its going to be the same way with BL3, and that makes me sad. The game makes ■■■■■■■ sense at 50 - you can do crazy builds, but it’s not required.

That being said, I’ve told… almost everyone (because I think it’s true) the hardest part of all BL2 is UVHM 50-55, not because of enemies or health or whatever… but because the enemies health and your item level gets severely gated every 5 levels. i know that sounds insane, but compare a level 9 item to a level 10, or better yet, a level 24 to a 26, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The way things were gated at least back then…

50-51 was an astonishingly big deal, and it’s why Maya is my only 72.

That’s my major fear with everyone clamoring for “better levels” and saying that M4 is an angle in the right direction-

I really don’t think it is, especially if the game’s loot engine runs on anything similar to bl2s.

I think it’s probably closer to BL1’s, and this might work.

But sweet ■■■■■■■ lord I don’t want to go back to the “everything scales well but your character” model.

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Well, it worked for some people. It was a struggle for many (as witnessed by regular threads of frustration in the BL2 sections) and I’m sure there were others who simply rage-quit and never came back. Personally I almost gave up when I hit about level 57 but I got some good advice here, pushed through, and never looked back.


I think you should be able to choose static modifiers and give the exp and loot bonuses static increases based of the difficulty. Would be not so fun to balance though. Some builds could possibly abuse that system. I still prefer the old OP levels honestly. We are going to get to a point where we need upgraded loot strength to counteract the massively increased armor, shield, and health pool of mobs at some point. Hell just M3 to M4 is, what like a 800% increase alone but no gear got stronger just builds had to change for gimmick ways to kill. I still highly disagree with certain items being locked behind M4 though. That is a dick move to force difficulty on players just to get some of the items.

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If the rewards don’t reflect the difficulty then there is little purpose. Difficult game, yes please. Less random modifiers, yes please. But the increased difficulty also needs to be rewarded properly or players are just going to feel like it’s simply not worth it.


I agree it sucked my first through UVHM but once I learned how OP slag is and knew what weapons to farm for it became alot easier

Hey. Talk about the game, not other forum oh, what the hell, have a cute animal picture.



I don’t think anybody called the amount of different firearms in this game limited.
I agree with you that BL 3 has the most varity.

I wouldn’t mind if my suggestion would end up not being completely balanced and some player would abuse it to get rare loot a little bit faster. Why should i?
My first setting would be: 30% less xp, enemys deal 20% more damage, enemys have 15% more health.
Also like i said, if somebody pushes the drop rate slider to max, the difficulty sliders move automatically up too. But yeah its a lot of work.


Well i only played UVHM with my girlfriend. Alone it just wasn’t fun. Nearly every enemy was just incredible tanky.
As two players it was kinda fun because you had to communicate. Slag enemys for each other.

In OP 10 you don’t need specific builds or weapons? I never played that far.

I agree completely. The modifiers take the fun out of this game. I have the most fun playing with Mayhem Mode off.

They have normal mode for the people who can’t endure the mayhem of a higher and more difficult mode. Stick to normal mode if u don’t like to gamble.

If you turn off Mayhem mode, the game will be way too easy. I would like to see a difficulty mode where the enemies have Mayhem 3 level health and shield, but without modifiers.

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It’s odd to realise how true this is.

I started a new Amara and I blitzed it so quickly. Namely because I knew how I was building her
Secondly I could read the weapons better

And that wasn’t end game build either…

if I took an end game build into vanilla borderlands…


Honestly I don’t care for modifiers but if we must have them then they should only be on M1-M2. With Mayhem 3 and 4 the enemies become complete bullet sponges, adding anymore on top of that seems pointless.

With that said, I’ve found I have the most fun playing this game on M2. It’s hard enough to keep me engaged, but not so bad where I’m thinking “what’s the point of doing this?” lol.

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