Mayhem modifiers will no longer change when players join through matchmaking

I came back mostly for this fix, quote from the latest patch note:

“Mayhem modifiers will no longer change when players join through matchmaking”

So, here is a simple test case:

1.Player 1 select matchmaking
2.system founds another player (Player 2)
3.Player 1 is teleported to player 2’s session from the Social tab
4.Player 1 got Player 2’s mayhem modifiers as intented
5.During the gameplay, player 2 left the game

Player 1 stays in Player’s 2 session with Player 2’modifiers
starts to panic
6.Exit to main menu and reload last save

Player 1 is FACKED!!!, his mayhem modifiers have been ironically modified -_-,hours of reseting those damn modifiers to get the least horribles for me are lost.

Expected results:

When the host left the session, a session lost message should be displayed and player 1 should be brought back to his own session WITHOUT CHANGE or a simple common feature like session leader change? or an option to disable modifiers!!!

Actual results:

Alt F4 and rage

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The funny thing was when this hotfix came out my modifiers were changed… Ok it was only one but I need to do fire damage on my moze and immunity to fire damage is gamebreaking for her…

So yeah… 30minutes of having fun in rerolling stuff and I stopped when it was ok for me. Dont wanted to make it any further since is more than boring to reroll them. Now I have 2/2 desired modifiers. Well done GBX…

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yep hours if you add each time it happens