"Mayhem now available Console TVHM" question

Was it not available before? I’ve been playing TVHM/M3 for a while now (Xbox).

Or do they mean you can start TVHM in Mayhem?

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probably that?..i honestly dont know

It’s now fully available in TVHM on console as soon as you reach sanctuary (so console is now same as PC) - seen several posts confirming that.


It’s for other characters. You’re supposed to have it unlocked on all new characters once you’ve beaten TVHM once but right now you have to beat the game with all new characters to access mayhem

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I can confirm,on ps4,loaded my game after the under 3 GB patch. The mayhem module is there,and I’m halfway though my 2nd tvhm campaign run. Also the ability to mayhem match make is available in the find game tab of the social area. Its turn on,Mayhem 1,Mayhem 2,Mayhem 3,turn off.all cycled via the L2 trigger. I tested this out earlier as I was running mayhem 1 having just done the mission in skywell with, you know,them balls. I decided to run my favorite past time rn in the proving grounds (PGs) and loaded into a random game. The host was running mayhem 2. As denoted by the extra effect under the skull that’s different from one and 3. Which I know well,cause I play either 1 or 3 a lot. Hope this helps. Good hunting,friends.

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