Mayhem off = 0% drop/gain rate of anything) Mayhem on can be 2500%?

I know that I’m not the only one who knows this but why have gearbox not adjusted the mayhem off table as it is completely blank

Meaning the reason for mayhem on has poor drop rates because 0×100 or 2500 is still 0. I prefer the game pre mayhem 2.0 .
Modifiers… don’t know why some are even on they are ridiculously inconsistent either no death heads or 1 from every enemy… just a for instance. Seriously though sort the first part mayhem off should still have a positive % drop/gain table to make the mayhem on table work.? I would think anyway?

It’s not a multiplier. All Mayhem boosts are additive to existing one. So on Mayhem 0 you have 100% cash, and on Mayhem 10 you have +200%, not x200%. The same is with drops and XP.

Lol ok just looks a bit like they forgot to bother with mayhem off table then?

Mayhem 10 drops less legendaries for me than normal.

Ive tested this extensively farming robo jack and freddie.

Mayhem drops are broken until they patch period.

Which might be phase 2 dlc or who knows when.

There is a phase 1 patch tommorow so. Hopefully.

Not just the lack of legendary drops it’s the power that the weapons are at too… I was farming for kaoson and seems to me that m8 gave highest just below 7k and few 8k to 9k with x2 at m10 it was getting lower to 2700… I now have about 25 kaosons at least lol

Are you sure it was Kaoson, not OPQ?

Sorry just short of 9k and 8k with x2 from m8 and definitely kaoson from traunt m10 the power was going down only problem with x2 is steams through mags even with moze build ammo regen and +25% mag size highest without x2 is 6750 all best ones from m8

I see why it doesn’t look right almost 9k total as in 4430x2 my bad is the almost 9k kaoson sorry lol

Is that at MH10? I’m getting the opposite behaviour at low mayhem levels (1-3).

?? You getting more legendary drops at 1-3? Or less

More drops (including legendaries) in M1-3 than normal. This on Proving grounds last night with Cartels active. Trial of Survival (essentially takes out the Cartels effects) with and without mayhem was stark: with mayhem, loot spikes everywhere; without, virtually nothing.

I’ll try it again at some point with Cartels off; right now, I’m enjoying the extra adds though.

Ah I think it is part of loot the universe on nekrotafeyo and I think either some of the proving grounds or the proving grounds are on nekrotafeyo

Loot the Universe is not active.

As Prowler mentioned, not Loot the Universe - I know the difference that made, and I wasn’t at those levels of insanity.

You have good rng lol I have been shat on by joey ultraviolet got naff haha

Which modifiers do you use? I just did back-to-back runs on Athenas->Traunt, once with Slayer and once with Lootsplosion. Got about 4-5x the orange drops with Lootsplosion, and way more purple as well. And that’s from both regular badass enemies and the Cartel enemies/minibosses. I don’t think I’ve ever run Villa Ultraviolet without Lootsplosion on, and I always see plenty of drops.

I get same crap boring gun flakker Ruby’s wrath not had opq,yellowcake or no pew pew for like a week I run it and kill side bosses leave joey die and run again but it almost feels like a cap on the drops tbh… maybe just my rng went on holiday :joy:

I’ve gotten both a Yellowcake and an OPQ outside of the Villa map (both on different Proving Grounds) this week, so they are dropping. My guess is that there’s just a lot of stuff that can drop, so it’s harder to get the things you want.

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I do not know how scaling works on mayhems 1-3

Generally we’re advised to turn lootsplosion off as enemies drop normal lvl 57 gear/non mayhem.

I thought mayhem 1-4 was all normal lvl 57 stuff myself.

I personally only play at mayhem 10. I turn mayhem off to farm for class mods as theres no difference.

Personally i see no difference in drops. I dont notice more cash. Even vendoring items or dropping in general.

Hotfixes have done weird things over the course of the events. Id notice.more world drop. legendarys one week. Dedicated loot monsters droped. Blue green or purple. Takedown. First tawldown patch post mayhem 2.0 dropped shields properly but wotans loot wasnt there. They patched it and i get usualy world drop trash and i got class mods only one run. At m10.

The amount of legendarys that fly out is the difference.

Farming freddy i noticed a few legendsrys on. Normal jack gave 4-5. Turned on mayhem and the count became 1 or 2. Eventually thered be a run with one leggo or purples n blues.

Its noticeable. Though recently dlc dedicated drops have become better.

So thats an improvement. Ita really really weird and i hope they clean up the tables properly.

Ive documented this overtime in manu forums with pictures here. It’s just weird.

But in general mayhem does not mean increased anything but enemy health to me.

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So after today’s update I can confirm that there are indeed M1, 2, 3 etc weapons. If I had to guess, I’d hazard that the spread of dmg values from the range of parts can easily cause these to overlap, so it may appear otherwise. But they are definitely different MH level weapons.