Mayhem on Twitch

Wasnt the reduced penalties for the mayhem modifiers suppose to be a permanent change in which was discussed in the couch co-op. This weeks event clearly states that the penalties reduced in mayhem are live until the end of the event, if so what was told in the co-op couch was a complete lie in order to calm the masses after the nerfgate that they produced. Permanent reduced penalties would make more sense if you nerf all the popular builds and weapons. If what the event states is true and its only for this week then its a complete slap in the face for all of the players.


Maybe the patch is coming or maybe they are doing a test to see how the community feels about these.

I’m not sure yet.

I hope that is the case because 30% deflection is no fun and they know that because that is one of the things that they highlighted that they wanted to “massively” reduce and to have it reduced just for a week just to take it away seems pretty useless to me.

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bullet reflect is bull i can work around the others butt i always go down if bullet reflect is on…might just be me tho idk


nah its not you 30% is insanely high and when you have very good hard hitting weapons you auto kill yourself because the 30% proc to many times and you ate half your clip to your face.


pretty much butcher or lyuda hell even a shredifier u go down almost instant…thats the only one that seems like bull to me other than that i dont really have any prob with mh3

I am praying for a patch. If it doesn’t come today, I hope it comes Thursday. We have been waiting for a long time. This is an exciting week to be a borderlands fan.

All the patches and hotfixes have been on Thursdays, on this Thursday we are getting and echo cast update and the event.

I’m hoping for the patch with it

Am I the only one who finds these changes disappointing to say the least? They haven’t touched elemental and weapon types multipliers. Also displayed numbers for weapon types are clearly wrong, when you get both multipliers they don’t cancel out each other, you get nerfed for all types. And I wish “-% with all guns” was just gone forever


agreed if you are using a fast firing gun with 30% bullet reflect, that pretty much slows your game down to a crawl, or just force you to exit to menu then start up again, i don’t think auto melting yourself to the floor is any fun. but yet gearbox has no issues auto nerfing good guns. kinda makes you ask who at gearbox thought an auto melt modifier mechanic on yourself would be a fun thing.

lol i went in as an elemtalist, only to find out that it was pointless, the gun type i used as elemental was decreased by 30% and then the element i was using was decreased by yet another 30% and then the dreaded 30% bullet reflection. was like what the heck, there is literally no way you could power through that.

Mayhem modifiers are getting a permanent nerf in the near future, this event is simply temporarily changing more modifiers than are actually going to be permanently nerfed. Specifically only 2 modifiers have been confirmed to be future permanently nerfed, Gun Damage and Bullet Reflect.