Mayhem or storey?

I’m at a loss here …

Mayhem mode is so much fun , why can’t I play the story missions on mayhem mode ?

Why do I have to always complete the story re unlock mayhem yet I get to keep pretty much everything else

You can. You start TVHM and once you reach Sanctuary you should at least be able to do Mayhem 1 or 2 like I was able to do. You can further reset THVM after activating it and it should restart with the mode active.

Can you start TVHM for a brand new character at level 0?

Not that I know of. That would be fun to have TVHM Mayhem 3 level 1 character. You would have some pretty long fights at the start even if you are fighting equally leveled enemies.

Like the previous titles, TVHM only unlocks once you complete main story NVHM.

So I guess I have to wait until I get to level 50 for TVHM. I’m only level 26/27 on my FL4K and not done with the story, yet. I too wish we had all TVHM and Mayhem options available for a brand new character beginning at the start of the game. Why that isn’t a thing makes no sense.

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I am level 50 I’ve completed both nvhm and tvhm main story and most of the side quests

But friends are telling me if I reset tvhm I have to play the story again and again to unlock mayhem …

Or mayhem only works on side quests not the story missions

If it helps I’m on PS4

If you reset, you’ll be able to reactivate mayhem mode once you get to Sanctuary 3. That’s if you’re in TVHM. You can do all the missions post getting to Sanctuary 3, in any mayhem mode. That’s the main missions and side quests… Everything.

Ok … I’m gonna risk it for a biscuit

I find the world a bit dull with nothing to do and I do have the proving grounds to do still do they stay unlocked also or do I lose them if I reset ?

That’s a good question… They should stay unlocked, but I’m not 100% on that…

it’s bugged on console. Don’t do it or you will likely lose access to Mayhem until completing the story again.

Now that’s what I’m hearing which why I am asking

I haven’t done it yet … Think I will wait till the bug is confirmed and fixed

They need a “reset only sidequests” option.

back up to cloud or usb stick. that way you can go back

Good idea … I always forget about that

How do you activate a manual save though. I’m Xbox and don’t even see one.

Thanks, I’m just gunna stay with FL4K through TVHM and not reset to get as far as I can then. I’m gunna try and 100 percent before switching anyway, something I’ve not done in any previous BL’s games.

If you mean make a manual save on an external drive, you can’t. MS decided that their automated cloud backup service is all you need. You could switch your console to off-line mode to experiment, but there’s a risk you’ll lose progress once you restore on-line and the system decides to sync with your cloud storage.

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Yep I was talking about a manual save. Screwed by MS again I guess. They’ve also taken over my GMAIL by wanting me to check some box that says they can read/delete and share my email anytime they want. Hahahahaha, and that’s supposed to make me safer, right!!! Thanks VaultHunter101.

People do not understand that on concole you can NOT use mayhem mode in TVHM once you reach sanctuary in TVHM. Alot of people are trying to get an official answer on this. None so far.