Mayhem Roll Farming

I’ve been wondering for a bit how unique I am in farming for good rolls in mayhem 3. In mayhem 2, it wasn’t too much of an issue, but on 3, I find myself having to do it much more often.

For example, earlier, I got a the below roll:

  • "enemies take 50% less damage from… [And I kid you not]…
    • Normal
    • incendary
    • Corrosion
    • Electric (maybe? Forget if it was 4)


%45 health & shields (edit: to enemies)

While I normally enjoy a challenge, it just sounded less fun to spend so much time on a proving grounds firing at trash mobs for likely twice as long.

Interestingly, upon a restart, I got

  • -45% normal +70% elemental
  • +25% gun damage/-acton skillwhatever
  • some enemy damage buffs

Honestly, I have trouble NOT farming for a good roll because those are such polar opposites.

Maybe mayhem 2.0 they have some improvements to this kind of balance, but right now I’m having trouble feeling like it’s worth my time not to restart

So, I guess my question is if other people are doing this or if I’m playing it wrong?

Also I’m not really trying to tell the devs what to do as they seem to have acknowledged this issue, but trying to understand how others play the game with such, ehem, variety(?) In the rolls. :grimacing::joy:

Edit: I guess one could interpret this as a kind of complaint, which is fair, but I do actually wanna know if it’s an issue for other people or if they also restart rather than try to power through painful RNG

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Nope, Mayhem is not a test of how fast one can kill things but of one’s adaptability, so I pack enough guns, grenades, shields and slam mods and just roll with whatever is given to me.


Honnestly, since most people rerol them anyways, there should be an in game button to do it faster

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I agree in principal. What’s the adaption you’d recommend to my first roll?

They said they’d be adding an in game menus for it. Maybe youll be able to customize your challenge in some way, like what kind of elements you don’t want hurt, or enemy buff types. That would be better than simply spamming a reroll button.

Or they could let us pick modifiers and have it change the loot%/xp%/cash% based on which ones and how many.

Not sure how that would work with matchmaking, maybe a voting system? Or everyone gets to suggest one modifier when they join.

Either way, random modifiers that can swing from stupid hard to extremely easy make no sense, and what they have needs to be rebalanced some way. Maybe with 2.0.

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This is the reason I reroll. Honestly, I want a challenge and enjoy the ones that are kindof balanced but my first example above isn’t really a challenge to me as much as just a slog. Maybe that’s my personal taste tho.

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I seriously hope they’ll come with a UVHM mode soon with flat difficulty boost and no modifier. Multiplayer is dead as long as modifiers remain

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I tend to stay away from absolutes in my thinking. O play multiplayer with friends, but I’ll agree that the rolls make it kinda awkward when your friends and you don’t have the same setup.

Rad for flesh, Cryo for armor, Shock still works well to peel off shields even with the debuff since the match multiplier is high and shields tend to be small.


It’s awkward with friend, and downright awfull with random player.

Try to join a game
Good modifiers for you, bad for host, host quit, main menu.

Or the opposite

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