Mayhem scaling a shields

Nova and reflect increases with mayhem… Great but you missed one. Messy breakup is by far my favourite shield, however without mayhem scaling it’s pretty pointless.

Please allow it to scale with mayhem!!!

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Spike shields could also use scaling, as could certain legendary shields.

Like the Red Card, which does a whopping 9000 shock damage in exchange for your shield capacity.

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Yes, I would really love to see these kinds of shields get mayhem scaling, especially:
Messy breakup
Red Card
Frozen Snowshoe

Can you imagine a Rakk Fl4k with a Messy Breakup with the action skill start shield break anointment? I tried one, but the drones just don’t do enough damage without mayhem scaling. And Moze with a Frozen Snowshoe and Tenacious Defense would be so good with mayhem scaling as well.

Almost like these legendary shields would be… Legendary …

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They do get mayhem scaling, 34x at M10 if I’m not mistaken.

@boombumr messy breakup definitely doesn’t. I think only nova shields received the fix

Check to make sure your hotfixes are applied. Messy Breakup definitely got scaled.

Wow… I stand corrected. When they did the buff I went and fArmed one and it was still the 1k DMG per shot. They must have expanded that after the initial buff. Thanks… I can get back to my favourite drone build Zane that I loved during leveling

I tested the Frozen Heart nova on the target dummy and am getting the same damage number on mayhem 1 and mayhem 10. Hotfixes were applied. Is the target dummy being weird, or the shield? :face_with_monocle:

Mayhem scaling doesn’t apply in Sanctuary.

Aaah, well that explains it then, thanks.