Mayhem scaling on grenades

Since the last hotfix gave Iron Cub mayhem scaling, I’ve trained up a new Moze. I’m using one of my favourite grenades, the Spring Epicenter, and with 3 points in pull the Holy Pin, a Flare class mod, roughly +100% splash damage and +50% incendiary damage from the combination of skills/gear (unfortunately haven’t been able to get grenade damage on class mod) and honestly it’s not that great. I had hoped that all that investment would make the grenade really kick but sadly it’s not there.

This brings me round to my question. How would people feel if they upped the Mayhem scaling on grenades? Plenty of them seem to work in initial playthroughs, but seem to drop off later.

At the same time, let’s add immunity to self damage on Torgue Cross Promotion. We’ve been asking for it for months now and we know it can be done since Zane got it.

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How much damage are you getting from them? (I only ask as i was getting 51m with an unoptimised blast master com through the 20% ib anointment)

As a Zane main I feel it incumbent on me to add the following in response to your observation …


You would lose the ability to charge a transformer shield though.

One hand giveth whilst the other taketh away :wink:

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I suppose that’s true, although if I have to choose between a character functioning way better and one mechanic on one shield I’d go for the character. Also, people wouldn’t have to spec into it so they’d still get that choice.

Oooooh, it’s like that, is it?

I’m not really sure, to be honest. It feels weak next to my guns and my main SMG I’m going with is a CH Hellfire. I don’t tend to remember numbers so much as if things “feel” good.

OMG yes please!!! At least some splash damage resistance would be acceptable at a minimum.

That’s easy … if you’re going to do a shock/transformer build … don’t spec into TCP. Problem solved!

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One of favorite things to do is to walk up to a boss and fire my SNTNL cryo shock Backburner at my feet. With the self damage being absorbed by the Transformer, I can fire it indefinitely. Of course I can’t see a darn thing with all of the explosions and screen shaking going off, but it’s ludicrously fun!


Interesting idea :slight_smile:

Two questions: what about the cryo part of damage? Also - how is boss doing in this strategy? Or are you really hugging him here and he gets hit by splash?

He’ll be standing as close as possible to the boss, I expect, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

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Shock keeps the Transformer charged, so I don’t even get hurt. The multiple explosions per shot get absorbed as mag ammo, so I don’t even have to reload. Standing close to the boss means that they get hit with everything I do, so they will die eventually. Not the fastest or most efficient method, but it works.

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I’d think you would get frozen, since Transformer does not do much against cryo, no? You did mention SNTL cryo shock backburner…

But then, if you don’t need to move, perhaps it’s OK.


You shouldn’t be hurting yourself if you have a point in Duct Tape Mod, right?

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Ah, that might be the key factor here. Thanks!

I was just getting ready to comment the same thing. Immune to the cryo self-damage; the shock ASE recharges the Transformer. At least I think - been a while since I played Zane.

That is the most Borderlands thing I have ever heard. Bravo!