Mayhem sheilds needed

We need mayhem affected sheilds

That would mean increasing enemies damage. We all know how mayhem scalings are proving difficult to balance well, throwing more carbon in that engine isn’t going to make it work better.

Isnt the more carbon dense a fuel the more… Nvm



They didn’t buff for guns y make it difficult just give us power and anyone whining about too much power ill gladly slap them across the face 1 don’t like being a god then don’t get your gear on mayhem but the rest who want the power should be left alone

So… You just want to steamroll the game with 0 effort and everyone who wants a challenge can suck it?

News flash… There’s OPTIONAL difficulty scaling for a reason… Use it… And GITGUD

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Please god no… the game is way too easy as is on M10/M11

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U just failed saying mayhem 10 farming an importance u want a challenge then don’t farm mayhem 10

No it isn’t not on fl4k