Mayhem skull icon attached to Mayhem 10 loot. Poll

  • Add Mayhem level indicator icon to loot
  • Do not add Mayhem level indicator

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Yes, of course the item card should show the Mayhem level.

It’s mind-boggling that all this content was released without that basic feature.


I think the red skull will look really cool on the item cards, jus sayin


I’m morbidly curious to know the reasoning behind someone actually voting no for this. I could easily imagine some people just not caring but that’s a whole different ballpark from being outright against it.


Probably someone going against the grain out of spite simply because they can


Nailed it.


I’d want a more detailed indicator than just a skull for M10, but it’s an obvious feature.

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The skull is just a place holder to get the idea across.

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What I meant was I’d like an indicator for each level not just M10. I don’t care if it’s a skull, I just want it to be more informative. :wink:

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I envisioned the Mayhem Skull and a number at its base indicating which mayhem lvl it belongs to. As for the positioning I thought it would look nice directly under the item score. Make it red too GB.

Edit: don’t make it red, I thought about it, the mayhem lvl indicator should be the same color as the rarity and possibly be part of the item card border… Ok IMA developer now haha… Serious tho

Big love. Poll knows, the poll knows


Or adjust item score accordingly…

VERY LAZY gearbox as if sorting items wasnt hard enough as it was.

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That 2% really belting my OCD. Come out of the shadows and tell us why you voted against the grain padawan

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I think that they didn’t add an indicator because of a. laziness and b. they didn’t want to make it so obvious that you’re not just getting current mayhem level item drops. When there’s no indicator on the item, it’s almost impossible to tell what mayhem level the item is.

So far Ive been using the x2.5 based off what the M10 Krakatoa rated (~32k) damage in comparison to my original 13k.

I definitely want to know when I’ve picked up an M10 gun… Lower Mayhem not so much because the guns you find will either be useful, carry you further up the M-Ladder, or be they’ll be underpower…

Identification at a glance is always good tho! Icons

Unfortunately that makes sense. They know that the player base hates getting under-leveled drops in endgame - they explicitly patched that out of BL3 previously! But now they foisted a system on us that can drop items that are as much as ten levels below where the player is playing!

It really feels like in this patch, Gearbox threw out a lot of things they appeared to have learned about what their players want over the last 7 months and gave us a host of things no one was asking for.


That’s what it feels like to me also.