Mayhem ?! Why it is called mayhem ? It doesn't feel that way , at all

I really don’t get it .

All those new levels of mayhem are making the game LESS dynamic , LESS crazy and LESS entertaining.

I mean , we need to shoot hundreds of bullets in a single enemy (even it a badass) , spending most of time running around the enemies and shooting , shooting , shooting … Not killing , just shooting and reloading.

Taking an enemy down it painfully slow .

Give us mayhem !
Real one ! When hearts pumps like crazy , when you feel the rush of combat !

I HATE this HP/Armor/Shields increase. It not makes game more challenging , it just make me spend more time on same things. It reduces dynamics , and overall experience is ruined.

I want challenge . And I love most of the new modifiers .

Why not to force players to really adapt to coming situations , to use more different equipment?

How ?
Remove HP buff , but add more crazy modifiers .
More modifiers , more really crazy situations , while maintaining the speed and feel of mass -slaughtering we love . More killing in more different and unusual ways .
Shooting bullets are so 21’ century !
"Get a Maliwan and start setting people on FIRE! "

Here are some suggestion I though may be cool to try in game.
These can force players to use more different gear , and switch all the time (yes , i like the idea of bringing 20-30 guns with you all the time)

  • cant be hit in front (use its your time , Conference call)
    *Constantly immunes to elements (you WILL use 4 different elements)
    *spawn a dozen of badasses with launchers (yes , around you)
    *give them atlas guns with autoaim (or autoaime snipers) - use cover as good , as you can
    *Zane hides from bullets behind his shield ? give melee enemies 30% speed increase
    *Spawn DEATH , but make it killable (or better , controllable by FL4k - make use of his capstone more popular)
    *spawn 2 or even more “zombie” enemies from bodies(it will make you WANT to play as endless ammo Moze)
    *floating crit spot - enemies can have different spots (shot guns with LOW accuracy and MANY pellets for “probing” them ? )
    *exploding corpses ! Kill from afar . (maybe delayed explosion corpses? also use careful pathing?)

I can go on and on .

I just think the MAYHEM can be and should be as crazy as possible , but as BORING as possible.
And should be EASY , when using right playstyle and/or gear.

For me the best example is FL4K grenade build.
(Hunter-seekers with Unforgiven ) It works , it totally different by the playstyle , and it effective enough to be fun .

I want more crazy builds ! Imagine Iron Bear stomping everyone to death with 1000% melee dmg while skill active modifier ! (yes , modifier , not anointment)
Make it crazier with 4000% when 2 people use SAME skill (dakka bear and zane dome). Like run to Wotan and kill him in seconds with amara and zane (if you can do it before it leaves the dome) , and die , if you cant utilize it properly.

Mayhem !
I want real mayhem !
More of it !

M A Y H E M ! ! !