Mayhem4/Takedown isn't hard, we suck

Most of you know about Guardian Rank Perks/Skills not working after the patch, not being able to ADS in FFYL/ no overkill damage (which is more important for mobbing than you’d think)/ shield/action skill buffs. Jumping into Mayhem 4 with hope and getting facef**ked by a Ratchling, don’t worry Vault Hunters, we’ll be powerful soon. :fist:


But how soon? All I wanna know is if it’s in the “hot fix today” category or a “next week’s bug fix“ kind bug…?

Man, i thought this was going to be another “git gud noob” post!

Exactly, I feel like I am at 98% power without my guardian ranks,… and then when they are switched back on:


Having guardian ranks makes a huge difference. Not necessarily the stats, but the skills themselves. Mayhem was designed with them in mind.

I’m waiting for them to come back, kudos to those who defeated Wotan without them, but I don’t see the need and don’t have the desire to without them.


Not gonna lie Fl4k is my main feels bad… I made and remade my build last night and trust me I’ve got tons of great equipment. Fl4k feels depressingly weak and it’s mostly a choice now between just two things. A build tanky and run out of ammo or build damage and get downed over and over till you lose. Only way to play m4 on fl4k now is to use terror bullet glitch.


What builds do you use and what playstyle do you like to use? Fl4k is my main and I am loving M4,…

That won’t change the fact that simple enemies are bullet sponges.

I have 3 builds maxed at the moment from m3

  1. My rakk terror dmg build
  2. Generic crit fl4k
  3. Gamma pet

If I build rakk I die too fast too often even with cover
If i build invisible crit i dont do nearly as much as rakk and i die as soon as the stealth wears off and if i build gamma i survive just fine but runn bone dry on ammo in no time flat. This m4 would be less frustrating if I had more ammo capacity but it is what it is and with half my skills and guardians skills not working m4 is a real pain.



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They were aware of the junk/favorite bug too; how long did that take? They were aware of a bunch of broken missions and skills from day one; how many are still broken to this day?

Try to match your elements to damage bars and look for anointed gear that adds rad damage while gamma burst is active. My load out has 3 epics with that anointment on it, shotty, smg, and q-system. The extra damage is less rounds used and helps a lot. I still scrounge for ammo like NVHM on a new character, but I don’t mind that. Still have yet to run out.

Only time I ran out of ammo was forgetting my corrosive weapon in sanctuary while in slaughter star on M3 with negative dmg and elemental modifiers. Did 1-4 rounds and could not for the life of me pick up any corrosive/cryo weapons, (none dropped the whole time, I was dumbfounded) and all mine in inventory were same as ground, fire, kinetic, radiation and shock. So yea I had attempted twice and same scenario and had to go back fail and come back and do again.

I think there might be a misconception here I play at M4 tvhm. I geared up in m3. M4 is where I’m having issues. I breeze through m3.

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I know but I am fl4k main as well, and don’t have ammo issues in tvhm m4 (except stopping to pick some up), only time i did was that time in M3 after not having elementals lined up with such negative modifiers, it was like -70 normal - 50 incendiary - 50 cryo and -50 corr, thought I’d see how far I could get since I am rad damage (of course sucks on armor). So round 4 was it without corrosive weap against the 2 bosses. (did have cloning ghast call, but using all only took one down 1/2 way) and still had other and this one still alive.

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Well, it sure would be nice to get guardian perks back and certain skills back working. Although Takedown is still hell of a lot harder and made much worse by the fact that you fail if you die. M4 can be tough and did have me raging at times when playing but at least you can reset and respawn any time you want.

True. For most players, the plan was to not be able to negotiate M3 unitl getting some GR levels. Of course, there are exceptions.


some of the builds I’ve made rely on guardian skills like my shield recharging after a kill or overkill damage. It’s a huge nuisance on top of the second wind perk being gone.


Hmm that might explain why some things felt off last night playing. But with the way they did the M4 modifiers I could basically just keep a Flakker out full time on Moze and not care.