McFarlane constructing Borderlands Figures

It’s like an old friend that used to make so many awesome things finally making an awesome thing again T_T.


They look good and I plan to purchase one of each flavour.

uh, guys…what the hell is this? jack has it too. THEORY DISCUSSION!

Also i pre-ordered Tina

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Golden Keys. It is always Golden Keys.

OR, maybe not. orcz has 2 sets of 5, first keys in a year and a half.

At best, I would expect a weapon card and code like you could get in the chest collectible, but that’s being very generous. It will probably be golden keys. BL2 is way too far from developmental life span to get anything more than keys/weapons, and even TPS would be pushing it.

Figures look nice, too bad my wallet’s extra spending is already spoken for. Also kind of wish we could have more characters than just Jack/Clap/Tina/Moxxi in most merchandise, but ah well.

From the man, the myth, the legend!

it specifically says DLC. golden key codes are a simple text edit. i think those are for BL3 dlc.

You think they’ve made DLC codes for a game that hasn’t even been announced yet?

At best it’ll be new skins. Most likely, MacFarlane thinks “DLC code” is a better marketing term than “Shift Code” because the latter is proprietary to Gearbox and less well known the the general public.

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I can hope dammit. And yes, i know its probably keys. but I choose to ignore that, and only be slightly disappointed in a few months, when she arrives :smiley:

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So true. The Spawn figures are still some of the best looking toys ever made.

Skins and heads is my guess. Possibly for use in BL Handsome collection etc. but I thought I saw somewhere that Battleborn might be getting BL Skins???

!!! I hadn’t thought of this! Oh man I’d be fine but people would be so mad I love it!

Oh yeah here’s where I saw it Borderlands skins coming to Battleborn!

Bump time becaaausee sooooon!

So happy were getting some new actual figures since most of the borderlands figures are funkopops!

Jack has an alternate head

I hope this series is successful, gotta have da WHOOLE CAST and some.



tina is sold out from Mcfarlane. AND, i ordered her when they were still 20 bucks. Should have grabbed jack, just so tina could have a vault key :smiley:
Screenshot from 2017-11-16 12-58-12

There needs to be a Bee Shield accessory, for reasons!

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Got my Handsome Jack a few days ago. I should look and see about that whole code thing, huh?

I am incredibly salty that APPARENTLY amazon couldn’t hold up there end didn’t get figures, idfk. but they canceled my Tina tina. Which I found out around the 5th when it wasn’t showing up in my mailbox so I went and took a look. ugh.

I got a figure for a friend so I couldn’t see what the codes are. Does anyone know?