Me and My Brother need help to get to OP8


me and my brother are stuck on OP2 and need help getting to OP8

my gamertag is KakarottGaming.

if someone could please help us.

thank you


I can help with some of that. I’ll message you Tuesday when I get back in town. @PeterL2014 You want to be our fourth?

Thanks please do. that would help us out alot. we will wait for your message.



I’m down for some digi peak let me know when and I’ll be there

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cool it will be tomorrow at about 6.30GMT time. my Game Tag ID is KakarottGaming. and will be on twitch here.

thank you


I am using a Mechomancer and my brother is using a Siren

Ok cool hopefully @BTK420247 can be on at that time. It works out to about 4 pm my time and couple hours earlier than that for him unless I got time zones mixed up. Also I’ll use my gunzerker most likely

I think that’s 10:30am my time (GMT-8). That should work out ok.

thats great if you guys add me my gamertag is KakarottGaming.

we both looking forward to you guys helping us tonight



Just letting you and @PeterL2014 know I’ll be home and getting on in about 40 minutes