Me, levels, and being underpowered

A few months ago, I had a hard time taking care of “The Agonizer 9000”.
Did about half of “The Handsome Jackpot” then I attacked The Agonizer 9000 again and ANNIHILATED it.

The problem with that first/only character was (I think) that character was extremely underpowered.

Since then, I have created Eleven more characters and have been moving them ever so slowly to The Agonizer 9000. I have only one last character to get through Eden 6 and then I start going after The Agonizer 9000, and all twelve characters will be at the same point in the game.

The Point:

That first character: from my other 11 characters actions, I will say honestly that I was ignoring the level of “the bad guys” and the level of my character. BAD MOVE BRO! I have since gained some wisdom in my gameplay and I am painfully aware of making certain that my character is the same level as “the bad guys”. hopefully that will serve me when I progress to the post Agonizer 9000 challenges.

I prefer to be approximately all levels higher than the bad guys.

Yeah, some “bad guys’” levels are lower than my level, but to get a higher level than all bad guys, I would have to do more “side-missions” and in some cases, that is a “painus in the anus”.

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