Me trying to test build and weapons

  • Me trying to test build and weapon in slaughter shaft with good bonus this week

  • Gearbox taking all the fun away with 90% cancel week bonus AND annoying ghost messing with my aim for no reason , Evil Gearbox


Being forced to play with this event is sucks. the terror enemies and terror loot should be area specific only. or if it is going to effect the whole world then there should be an option to activate/deactivate similar to the mayhem mode. what is wrong with gearbox, how cant they forsee this? now even if they add an option for this it will be after the annointed gear event :frowning: i was going to farm every dedicated drop with annointments this week, and they ruined it. i dont care if the new annointments are usefull or not, but i wanted to farm them in the event map, not on the fckng slaughter shaft. the sad part is i was busy last two days and only today get the chance to play the game. hop on the slaughter shaft to farm someting im aiming for my build and boom i see ghosts and terror annointments every drop. i didnt even accept the mission from maurice.

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ok i didn’t want to say anything, i felt i was losing my mind, but it was the ghosts that are messing with my accuracy, i was like why the hell am i all over the place with my gun, i felt it was the terror debuff, but wasn’t sure.

Uhg. This is honestly sounds terrible. I think I will be taking a B3 break until this is over. I guess it’s back to PUBG for a while.