Meaning of exclamation point on maps you (nearly) completed on fast travel

They just appear when I’m fast traveling but I dont see any anything when I click and look around those maps/levels. I discovered everything and see no quest indicators either. What do they mean?

Pretty sure it means you have a quest available

But there’s none in the map. Both when I drive around and look before I travel. Is there a hidden condition like only if you interact with something or find a hidden area?

That I don’t know, I just know I have some exclamation points on mine and I have quests on those maps I haven’t done.

Are you by chance seeing the exclamation points/quest markers that appear over the Quick Travel locations when you’re zoomed out as opposed to actual quest markers for that specific map? Those confused me a little at first, where I would run towards it and inevitably facepalm myself.

also if there are multiple floors its difficult to locate

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No theyre while Im IN the fast travel menu saying Athena has a ! but theres not quests I have active when I view the map or when I run around it after fast traveling

even with them I could see the other stuff but these just confuse me since Athena appeared to have it but theres no floors or anything to switch between that I’m missing like the moon had where I could see before I walked around by zooming in and out and switching between floors

I know what you are talking about. I see them too from time to time.


have you figured out if theyre just a glitch or something bc they never appear in sanctuary when a quest is ready so i doubt thats what theyre for

Seems like a glitch :smiley:


I’ve seen these myself. I assumed that I couldn’t get rid of it because of the fact that Athenas, for example, has only one Fast Travel, as I generally noticed it on maps that only had one Gast Travel. However, later in the game, you get the ability to read Eridian writing, and at that point, you get quest markers for small Eridian obelisks that have quests. The game may not be properly recognizing that you don’t have access to them yet.

I think they’re for “new” zones to fast travel to but the map system doesn’t realize that you’ve already been there yet, had it happen a bunch while I was discovering new Proving Grounds.

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I saw the same thing.

Completed Atlas HQ. Did almost everything and returned to Sanctuary handed in quest went to fast travel to next area. Exclamation mark on Atlas HQ. Click on that. Nothing.

Curious I travel there run through entire map.


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I forgot to mention that I think the exclamation points lingering around is some sort of bug.

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i think if there is a new kill mission related to the area those exclamation marks shows on the location of the target, even if the mission is in sanctuary.

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not for me at least. the markers disappeared without me going back to that level after a bit. so IDK what they were for but must be a bug

Hi, pretty sure that it’s indicating that the region has reset. When I visited one I found no quests or markers but the boss was spawned and all the loot chests refreshed

Really? wow tysm! i’ll test that next time i have a chance

Sadly but no. It’s tied to the planets when you needed drop pod from sanctuary during story. It’s always on first location and the drop pod fast travel. Sometimes it’s fixed and ! sign is no longer visible.
tl;dr - it’s a bug.