Meaning of player skills in Roster section

What does this mean? It looks to me like this player has all skill tree skills for his character. Is that possible?

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I agree with you, that can’t be possible, unless he/she is using artifacts and/or mods to add skills. Even then though there’s no way a person can max out each skill tree unless they’ve figured out a way to advance past level 50. Can’t wait to hear from others on this.

I’ve got a guy on my friends list that has that BS too. Oddly enough I added him here to trade with and the kid on the cloud did not have “the Maggie I was looking for” but I still honored the trade.

It’s a visual bug I guess, the same as non-skill.

Meaning, the skills trees are empty? Seems unlikely, as I’ve played with this person a bit. We’ve done the Takedown and SlaughterStar 3000.