Means of Destruction and ammo regen not working?

The last few days playing I’ve noticed grenades and ammo are not regenerating at the rate that they used to. I have not changed anything in my build. Prior to noticing this, IF I ran out of grenades (rare), it would only be for a minute or 2 while dealing splash damage. Now, I’ve noticed dry periods of 4-5 minutes+, while dealing continuous splash damage. The regen rate is nowhere near the 6% listed in MoD skill.

As far as ammo goes, I have MoD maxed at 3 points, Redistribution, and Forge. Forge alone is supposed to regen 5% of mag per second. Oddly, the ammo count in my mag does not increase, at all, once it gets to around 10/70. Even at 10 out of 70, 5% of 10 is .5 per second. It stays right at 10.

Maybe I am losing my mind, but I thought I would reach out to see if anyone else has noticed a change.

Make sure you aren’t picking up ammo on the ground. All regen skills are still working for me.

And if you are using Transformer shield it can absorb ammo to your max capacity and stop the regen.

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I’m on PC so this might or might not apply but:

They apparently keep messing with stuff behind the scenes and odd stuff happens. Moze’s ammo skills sometimes do not play nice with other forms of Regen and MoD can stall (including grenades) if you interrupt a weapon’s reload (by throwing a grenade for example). It might just stall for that weapon or it might stall for all of them but since it’s stalled there’s no free grenades along with no free ammo from MoD.

If you work out which weapon caused it and reload it this can sometimes fix the issue - then again sometimes it doesn’t :confused:. Sometimes it just goes away and I haven’t figured out why yet.

As the others have said, this is most likely because you picked up ammo off the ground and that ammo is put into reserves. This short-sheets your mag because your reserves + mag is at your ammo cap.

Reload to fix it.

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Ooh I like that point. Didn’t really think about that. I never use shields that happen to have that but I just picked up a BBB with absorb on it, probably won’t use it now.

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Aside from what others have said about how you’re likely picking up ammo (probably the case), it’s still 5% of 70, it’s not based on the ammo in your mag it’s based on your mag size.

What gun are you using to proc MoD?

With the added timer like with fl4ks LnT - multiple procs are being shut down, but personally i havnt ran into any dryspells with nades.
The ammo absorbed by shields is added directly to your mag unless the mag is full

Sooo, the ammo absorb won’t affect it then eh?

Edit what about if your mag is full

Fills the ammo count, so the only reason its capping is due to picking up ammo
Ive been using this to continuously shoot craps or refil lancher ammo

Using a x2 Ogre. You can see in this video a constant regen while spamming grenades and holding the trigger down. Now, same set-up, long dry spells. Nothing has changed. Same shield, same class mod, same gun, same nade, same shield.

As i get added splash chances through mindsweeper my experience doesnt quite relate

That pretty much looks like what happens to me sometimes.

Couldnt tell you why, but it’s nothing new, this has happened for a long time, and happens more often when you’re not the host playing co-op. I’ve noticed multiple skills and perks not working sometimes.

Suddenly you’ll go from zero grenades to like 8. No idea why but it’s definitely not something that’s only happened the last few days.

I wish I would go from 0 to 8 grenades. The video is when things are normal. Now I’m going from 11 to 0 and staying at 0. Maybe I’ll proc 1 grenade after 2-3 mins. Then back to 0. It used to proc at least 1 grenade every 20-30 secs and keep going.

You’re connected online and have the patch applied right?

In your video it stalled and then went back up. And iron bear almost always regens a few with splash damage.

Try restarting your game, as dumb as that sounds.

Redistribution and Means of Destruction both have a 49% chance to not function after any given patch.

I think those numbers could use a buff.

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I am connected online. Patches applied. I’ll be back on in a bit and try to video what’s happening.

Seems fine now. Maybe just got unlucky.

So, I just went to try the takedown. Mine always, every single time freezes during the valkaries.

It froze again, and blue screens and I have to reload the game. After reloading my game doesn’t proc MoD like it should, same as in your video.

I’ll try restarting and see if it fixes it.

After going main menu and back it still didn’t work. I closed the game and reopened it and it works again.

It’s like some bug gets past the hot fix or something because it used to do this all the time in like early November or whenever that one patch busted moze.

yes and no. it appears that if your mag is full absorbed bullets go into reserves. you can see from OPs just posted video their reserves are going up by 1 periodically because their mag is full at the point of absorption.