Means of Destruction and ammo regen not working?

Yeah it’s really annoying, especially because you basically need MoD to proc to heal even more with loaded dice on.

I’d agree and say your best bet is to just not use the artifact, who really knows if it’s causing other bugs as well. Plus it’s not as simple as just restarting the game to fix it everytime, it persists sometimes which is weird.

My local/Non-PSN user/mule will be getting all of my loaded dices. Don’t want them anywhere near my main character.

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I still haven’t gotten mine to fix completely. I have to reset my game several times, and I’ve cleared the cache multiple times.

So I opened a ticket on support about the Forge /ammo pickup bad interaction, they said they are working on a solution, of course no visibility on the timeline but at least they are aware of it. I encourage all people to open tickets to report all the bugs they find , it is the only way they may be corrected some day.


That’s amazing news! Hopefully it applies to all ammo regen skills

I haven’t heard back from the ticket I submitted. Glad you did!

My granade regen randomly stops working aswell and i don’t use loaded dice, actually never have. :worried:

Is it possible that perhaps cooldown rate mess with the internal cooldown on MoD?

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Grenade regen for me is hit or miss too, I gave up on the ogre because I sat shooting for at least 20 seconds at enemies feet and faces, no regen. I haven’t tested as thoroughly as everyone on this thread, but I never used a loaded dice artifact. The best way I found to regen grenades was the bearcat ar and the cloning maddening tracker grenades, anything else outside of iron bear is hit or miss for me. I am on PC btw.


You mean the one they added to MoD? That’s when all the issues started. I think here’s various pieces of gear, conditions, and other things that mess with the timer they added to it. Loaded dice is one of them, there’s probably many many more.

Mine fixed itself, and I switch gear all the time. There’s something currently in my backpack causing it and it’s super hard to figure out exactly because I don’t normally change just one thing, I usually respec and completely change things up.

I think the only way we would ever figure it out is when it happens, write down every piece of gear and your load out every time.


I’ll try to pay attention to it when next i play. I’ve not been able to play much lately sot he details are a bit muddy.

Perhaps the cooldow is tied to granade count itself and not actually MoD? I remember fighting jackbot the other day and i went almost the entire fight not proccing MoD once. What if picking up, say 10 granades at onces stack the internal cooldown?

I’ll have a look at my gear next time. But, if memory serves me right i tend to use wep type %, AoE %, Ammo % on relics. Which is most likely what i used at that moment. A purple relic.

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I’ll try and just take screen shots of everything I’m currently holding in my build if it happens again, maybe we can circle back around to it when we have a bit more info.

With @N8d0ggz I asked about artifacts and what bonus stats were in it and prefix/suffix because I noticed he was using the loaded dice. Not a programmer, but logically it seemed the max health change was the outlier of his build compared to stats that are commonly changed on builds like gun damage and such.

Try to see if there’s something you use that changes something less common on other people’s builds.

Maybe anointments that are less common as well. I will have a look through my normal rotations and see if anything sticks out.

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Hmm, interesting. I do use transformer with 75% hp and shield annointment and i also switch to a max hp and CDR relic for my iron bear builds on occasion.

I’ll have a gander tomorrow. Might even do some gearless tests and equip one item at a time and see if that shows anything

I’m on PS4, i suppose it’s worth noting since there seem to be a difference between systems

I was thinking of trying the same. The bad news is, it might be combinations of gear or bonus stats :roll_eyes:

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I use a Last Stand Otto Idol with AOE, have M0D and Forge. I noticed when I run the Kyb’s Worth I see ammo/nade regen issues during protracted fights where I am holding down the trigger and tossing nades. I hold the trigger down as I have a Green Monster class mod on. To counteract this I run two smg’s now and just switch to the other when this happens. Redistributor works fine with this artifact even with reloads or pickups.

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I think Prismatic discovered that Loaded Dice seems to come with an Otto Idol effect on it? Not to discount what you said. But that there’s healing there.


Is there a link to that? I’ve never heard of that.

It doesn’t really change anything but yeah that’s a cool effect I didn’t know about


I’m on Xbox, and cloning maddening tracker almost never procs a grenade regen for me. (Which is unfortunate, as it means I can’t run an ion cannon primary build).

I think the problem with grenades triggering MoD is that the nerf happened, and returning ammo to mag is more likely, so if your magazine gets ammo then the grenade return can’t proc on any of the grenades if they hit at the same time.

I can keep grenades up with both a kryb’s worth or a rain firestorm, which is where I came to that conclusion.

Side note: I’d switch to rain firestorm permanently for it’s staggered explosions if it worked in doors and could do enough damage to keep health up in the takedown

I’m using an Elemental Projector Loaded Dice with +30% Grenade, +8% Movement Speed, +Health and using a Kyb’s Worth and a Cloning Maddening Tracker against Killavolt I regen grenades on PC.