Means of Destruction and ammo regen not working?

Is there a link to that? I’ve never heard of that.

It doesn’t really change anything but yeah that’s a cool effect I didn’t know about


I’m on Xbox, and cloning maddening tracker almost never procs a grenade regen for me. (Which is unfortunate, as it means I can’t run an ion cannon primary build).

I think the problem with grenades triggering MoD is that the nerf happened, and returning ammo to mag is more likely, so if your magazine gets ammo then the grenade return can’t proc on any of the grenades if they hit at the same time.

I can keep grenades up with both a kryb’s worth or a rain firestorm, which is where I came to that conclusion.

Side note: I’d switch to rain firestorm permanently for it’s staggered explosions if it worked in doors and could do enough damage to keep health up in the takedown

I’m using an Elemental Projector Loaded Dice with +30% Grenade, +8% Movement Speed, +Health and using a Kyb’s Worth and a Cloning Maddening Tracker against Killavolt I regen grenades on PC.