Means of Destruction BUGGED WITH GRENADES

I am currently experiencing problems with MOZES Means of Destruction skill. It has a chance to give ammo or a grenade back when Moze deals splash dmg. Whenever I deal splash dmg with weapons it works fine. Although if I only spam and use grenades to deal splash dmg I never get the effects of Means of Destruction. I am pretty sure Means of Destruction is bugged currently with GRENADES ONLY.

I think it depends on the Grenade. Like Hex won’t proc it. Or perhaps its unlucky you. Not sure which. What grenade are you using?

I Threw 13 Cloning Maddening Tracker Grenades and didn’t get a single one back.
I only started to get them back when I used my guns.

How odd, I will try this out myself to see

Hmm, I just noticed that you are on Xbox. I am not sure if there are any differences but it works on my end. Though it’s best to confirm with someone on same platform. Sorry can’t help much here.