Means of Destruction feels changed (fixed?)

I’m shooting a rocket, with 2 in my mag, and suddenly having 8-9 in my mag from that one shot. So far nades are easily staying high and I’m noticing quite crazy rocket regen with my ION build. I need to do more testing but it just feels different as I’m currently doing a Takedown run.


I’ll test it on my end too. I hope so badly this is right

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I literally just had 1 in my mag, did nothing else no nades nothing shot a Heavy and now I have 9. o.O
This is with an annexed ION. It might just be rocket regen got changed, or MOD working better, or both. not quite sure yet.

My experience so far after 3 shots is not the same unfortunately, let me run my mag dry and see if it’s different

It’s not happening every time but its happened at least 10 times so far this takedown run I’m currently halfway through bridge. Overall though my rockets are regen’ing so much easier. Running the 1 in the mag ION build through here is so good now.


Yeah I was just about to edit. Wtf… I was suddenly jumped up to 9. I have forge on my build right now just farming and the ion cannon is still fine for Moze. Forge will be more useful to get that one rocket, or +2 redistribution. I’m using a high mag cannon.

It was definitely MoD proccing huge though


Yeah my ION build is actually super amazing with how it’s all acting atm lol. I’m running my last iteration of the build I made not sure if you saw but yeah redis+forge+mod and I actually have SFR now too tho not really using it.

Do you have forge on?

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Edited, but yeah even it seems to regen the rockets better as well (forge). Redistribution seems to keep putting them in my backpack I think, think I’ll drop that one now.

Yeah I’m getting forge rocket procs way quicker, though I have a very boosted mag on this one.

But you know what… Dare I say it here but I think this nerf makes the ion cannon better for moze?

Because it consumes more ammo, you can empty your mag faster, and with click click you’ll be golden. I think forge but be mandatory now though.

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sounds like a glitch since mathematically impossible

Yeah the nerf buffed my build for sure lol. Not only does it empty my mag easier for it pulls stuff from my backpack when it accidentally gets there. :smiley:

Currently uploading video of Wotan kill which displays whats happening. About 25mins from now.

Going to test, but it’s possible they changed the ‘chance to return ammo’ part from 1 single bullet to multiple.

What’s causing this?

So if I have 1 in my mag, but it costs 7 if there is any in your backpack it will take from there to make up the cost. In takedown rockets drop all over so stuff ends up in backpack easy… And something is regenerating into my backback(bug) it seems, pretty sure its redis.

Don’t post your video because then Gbx will REALLY nerf the Ion Cannon :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t had anything go into my back back yet, but it might be because my mag is maxed at 36.

That’s a good point though, I’m not minding this at all. I don’t usually like the empty reserve builds just because I’m using blast master and accidental reloads suck. But I haven’t had this even attempt a reload yet.

@hk.spm123 what do you think? Fix or bug?

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I really hope it’s a fix because that’s one thing moze has going for her.

So redistribution is getting a ton back too huh? What’s your card mag size?

At like 2:15is is what I’m getting with MoD, looks like redistribution is nuts too with rockets


Maybe they removed the .3s cooldown they added to means of destruction a while ago?