‘Meat and Greet’ Achievement Not Unlocking

I completed the mission for the achievement but it never unlocked for me. This is the last achievement I need for DLC 4 so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.


I just finished the DLC and both “Meat and Greet” and “Ye Who Enter” did not unlock. So that’s … fun…

I had 3 or 4 of the achievements not pop when completed. Ended up shutting my xbox off for the night. Came back to play the next day and they unlocked a few seconds after getting into the game. Doubt this will help, just saying try a system full reboot.

Is this only an issue on xbox or has their been confirmed pc or ps4 faults similar to it? I managed to get all trophy pops on ps4 without issues tho I think I had a very delayed trophy pop on dlc 3 if I remember correctly.

OP has since said in PM they got the achievement to pop, although they didn’t say how. I think it may have been connected with the achievements not having been released on XB1 before the DLC actually released? I didn’t have any issue with it yesterday, anyway.

I just completed the DLC today and this still didn’t pop for me either. I am going to try the system reboot and hopefully that works. This is the only achievement I am missing for the entire game. I REALLY don’t want to start another playthrough to redo this one mission.

I have done a system reboot on my xbox one but it’s still locked for me. Any solutions?

You could try co-op with someone who hasn’t done the mission yet? Just make sure it’s the same mode as your game (normal or true). Filing a bug report via a support ticket wouldn’t hurt either.

Yeah I figured that out this morning, did it with a secondary account and it’s fixed for me now! Thanks for the reply!

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