Mebbee necks time?

Liking that a year+ in there are still new adaptations coming to BL3. I’m not sure I understand the season2 stuff, doesn’t seem like it’s “new” stuff to do. Just new ways to do same stuff!? Mebee itz jezz me.
I’m still in on it though not sure how to buy it for my xbox.
BTW, really happy with this year’s heck hole Ghast Call drops.

I also am unclear how to buy the new content, on pc I was unable to find it on Steam. Maybe it was all a lie haha

The name of those upcoming DLC’s tell you what to expect. Designer’s CUT & Director’s CUT.

Where they sell you basically a new map and bl3 light edition. Without everything that causes problems in the game and without any effort for the developer.

Maybe the second DLC will be with skill trees & action skills, but without gunz (completely new and never seen before!) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This upcoming dlc should have been an completely free update !

GBX you owe us a lot, at least for the complete disaster of mayhem 2.0 and the guardian takedown release. Or the one third of a DLC that krieg was.

And what do you give to your community to apologize?

An great game balance.

Totally bug free skills.

Awesome droprates with the greatest RNG of them all.

Almost forgot that matchmaking, that is so good it nearly acts like skynet from terminator. (sometimes I’m scared :scream: )

Yup totally fair to charge your playerbase for your high quality product that contains only one single map and NO new borderlands content. Just some shooter mini game.

You just renamed the third takedown into arms race cut of the skills and gear and there it is DLC 5.

Greedy cashgrab.

In-game purchases to get a time limited boost for arms race should be the next step, right?

Won’t spend my money on that crap.

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I actually saw it on the borderlands 3 sitr, but it only was available for PC and PS4or 5 I don’t remember, not Xbox

I was afraid that it was something like that.
Seriously, I have a honest to God real problem where I can’t have my wifes character even log in to play the game. We went round and round with ideas, mostly from family and friends, in the end their idea was for me to completely wipe my xbox from all content and reinstall. A remove and reinstall didn’t work.

The new season pass is not yet available for pre-purchase. I imagine it will show up later this week, or maybe not until the 10th when it launches.