Mechanism of Brad Luck's corrosive damage?

So I’m using the Say Brr Krud Brad Luck quest reward weapon from the DLC, and I wasn’t expecting it to do occasional corrosive damage but it is. I’m curious as to how it works. At first I thought it was random, but the more I use it I’m starting to wonder if it’s related to weapon heat.

Has anyone nailed it down?

Seems pretty random to me. The damage is also super inconsistent. 404, 905, now it’s corrosive and doing 646, back to cryo 807, one more shot and it’s corrosive 646. Some of them are popping up over 1k. It almost seems like it’s occasionally spitting extra projectiles with the way the damage fluctuates. I’d love some better info too.

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Im glad I kept my 125! I have some testing to do after work!

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