Mechromancer build help


I’ve recently got to level 72 OP5 (struggling to find help for OP8…) and I’m having a hard time trying to find a good build as I’m currently struggling both solo and co-op.

I’m currently running this -

Can someone please advise me on a good build, I’ve looked around the internet and found so many different builds and tried most of them but can’t find one that fits.

Admittedly my equips aren’t amazing however I do have an OP8 CC waiting but apart from that I need to farm the rest, which I think I’ll struggle with considering my build and how hard I’m finding it currently.

Any advise / criticism is welcome!


Your build is pretty solid. Some changes I would make are to take the points out of More Pep and put those points in Unstoppable force. UF is a great skill that is underused, and due to the math, More Pep is underwhelming. And for Digi Peak, I would take the points from Strength of 5 Gorillas and max out Preshrunk Cyberpunk. 250 Anarchy is fine for mobbing, but some of the bosses in Digi need as much damage as possible, especially if you have meh gear. Also, don’t forget that you can pre-stack at the shooting dummy in Sanctuary before going to Digi Peak.

Also, the damage resistance from Made of Sterner Stuff is pointless if you’re not wearing a Blockade shield. But if you want it for Deathtrap damage, then it’s fine.