Mechromancer build/tips for 4 player difficulty mod? (UVHM)

Hello all. I have recently discovered the 4 player difficulty mod and I am trying it out with my mechromancer on UVHM. The only problem is I kinda get destroyed with the mechromancer as it’s a fairly squishy class without the proper healing/damage.

Does anyone have a fairly good build that would work well with 4 player difficulty on UVHM. I really preferred the elemental gaige build, but from my research it’s not that great (especially with this mod). I assume anarchy is needed for this amount of hp that enemies get (I actually can’t find anywhere how having 4 people affects the game besides better loot). I don’t really like sitting in sanctuary to farm 400 stacks, or more as well (though that may be required to even damage most enemies at this point).

I personally think I need a build that is stable enough to farm the stacks I need without dying so quickly, as even with 400 stacks you can still go down in a few hits without being careful. Personally I thought cooking up trouble wasn’t that great of an ability for how much points you have to invest (though with discord, or a good class mod it probably would be a lot better).

A quick last question. How do you aim with high anarchy stacks and close enough for the most efficiency? Do you just aim at the ground and get them to bounce up, do you just spray in their direction, or does it all depend on different scenarios and guns?

If you could give me any tips on how to play this character at 4 player difficulty that would be great, or any perks/items I should grab as well it would be much appreciated.

P.S. I highly recommend trying out the 4 player difficulty slider if you are looking for a fun challenge with reward as well.

There is a whole subforum dedicated to Gaige.

This is more about gaige with a 4 player difficulty setting and tips on the setting in general. I just threw in a couple of random questions as well, but my apologies. I can’t find much on the difficulty slider solo play anywhere.

That’s because it’s a PC only mod and all it does it fool the game into thinking there are more players in the game than what there are. As for your other questions, I’ll summon the mighty @pokapoka for tips on how to play Gaige.

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As Gulfwulf stated, the “4 Player Difficulty Slider” is a mod. To put it simply it is cheating, useful, but still cheating.

When you use it you are deliberately making your game harder, making more enemies and tougher enemies. Generally it is not meant for standard play. It is meant to increase drop rates, and help spawn enemies like Tubbies or Vermi that are difficult to impossible to spawn in single player.

Here is the main resource link:

Here are some builds:

Here are some threads where others had problems:


Personally I don’t use it to farm items, but that’s just me. If not wanting the game to be mind boggling easy is cheating then I don’t want to be right. And by definition it isn’t cheating. Not even on gearbox’s terms, or on the actual definition of cheating. If making the game harder and playing offline only is somehow giving me an advantage I wish I knew what the one was lol. If it wasn’t meant for standard play then I probably wouldn’t have made it all the way to ultimate vault hunter mode, so I don’t think you are correct there either.

None the less, I appreciate the help you have provided me. I should have probably posted this in the Mechromancer forums, but I thought this was general enough for multiple players to get help from that don’t play mechromancer as well.

As you may be aware, not only does four player difficulty spawn more enemies, it increases enemy health (I believe it is 100% more for every player added). You’ll probably need a high anarchy build to compensate, which means the joy that is anarchy pre-stacking. If you have the gear, cheesing some shamfleeting in Pete’s bar is good for this, then you can put that nonsense away and play the game with your full (or near full) stacks.

I have been summoned.

I can supply you with a build I use for running through OP8 Tiny Tina DLC (arguably the hardest of the DLCs).


  • Blockhead
  • Twister (or shock Pimpernel)
  • Hail (fire)
  • Rubi or Grog


  • Magic Missile or Lightning Bolt
  • Patient Prodigy class mod (+6 CuT, +Reload/+Accuracy is a godsend!)
  • Inflammable Big Boom Blaster or Tediore w/ low delay
  • Ancient fire/shock relic

Skill Tree

I only included stuff from the LBT tree, since you wanted WDT to be a part of your build. Otherwise, I would have gone more DT-heavy via Roid shield (which works in OP8, but not so much in UVHM).

So, this build starts out at 0 stacks. This has been tried and tested in OP8, and works anywhere in the game (aside from raid bosses).

Your main damage source is going to be the Blockhead (most enemies in the game are flesh), closely followed by the Twister/Pimp.

The Hail is used for bursting down targets (in close/mid range) for emergency healing and for activating Discord.

The Rubi/Grog is for super-emergency healing via grenade.

LBT/WDT actually works wonders here in the healing department, in that the DoT you’ll be spreading left and right can heal you for a significant amount, when you’re holding the Hail or Rubi/Grog.

CuT is for insurance.

Discord is for additional healing insurance, but also for when your stacks get above 150.

Once your stacks get >150, accuracy starts to become unreliable (actually depends on the weapon: generally 150~200). This is when you’ll start activating Discord; off and on, as you gain stacks.

All regen accounted for; gaining stacks, recycling Discord, using reloads to your benefit (Shock and AAAGGGGHHH recovers a significant amount via Moxxi weapons), keeping CuT active when possible (also where TBH comes into play here), Gaige becomes very hard to kill.

Also, keep in mind that as long as you are above 50% health, a single attack cannot KO you.

Regarding max stacks; I’ve seen the “OMG, Gaige needs like 400~600 stacks just to survive UVHM!” argument from so many people…

But the truth is, even running Digistruct Peak, I’ve found 150 is all you ever need, outside of raid bosses.

Anyhoo, I’ve carried on quite a bit!

Hope this helped. Post any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer!


Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate the help. I figured out health gating recently through game play, and it definitely helped a bunch. The only thing I hate most about the class are stacks disappearing when you log out because if you happen to have any issue with anything and need to restart then you have to farm them again which is why i want a build that doesn’t rely on prestacking to be viable/fun. I also occasionally play with my friend who is a gunzerker, so you get a lot less stacks when someone else gets kills as well.

I really had fun with the elemental gaige, but it fell off somewhat in many areas of the game, and without anarchy. This build seems really good for an inbetween character.

On solo you don’t need crazy high stacks, but he’s playing solo on four player difficulty. Is 150 stacks going to be enough still?

Most definitely. Digi Peak is the test of tests.

Anything that can get through Digi Peak (OP8), is certified for other any other mode or challenge.

I agree. This was initially a huge hassle. Hence, why I can up with that specific build/loadout, as it doesn’t rely too heavily on stacks.

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I also wanted to a death trap/elemental build, and this will help as well. I kinda strayed away from it because when I did coop with my friend Death Trap blocked a lot of shots which is silly considering he flies through walls and is the size of like 2 characters.

Are there any substitutes for the rubi, until I make it there again in the story? I am currently using Moxxi’s smg, but it seems a little lack luster as of now.

DT (Death Trap) is sadly only applicable in NVHM and OP levels, due to the way he scales.

In OP levels, when equipped with a Roid shield + Sharing is Caring, he can absolutely clear waves on his own though.

Subs for the Rubi would be the Hail. Not as high a percentage HP gain as the Rubi/Grog, but the sheer DPS can compensate quite nicely.

Alrighty, thanks. I probably should have gotten them on TVHM, but I figured they wouldn’t be effective at all in UVHM, but I’m not sure how item scaling works, so I should probably look that up. She is definitely my favorite character as of now. I always enjoyed mage type classes in games, and high dps, so hopefully I can deal some decent dps compared to my friends gunzerker.

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Unfortunately, no one out-DPS’s Sal. But, she can come close.

Also, way more fun to play than a Gunzerker!

Fun fact: I’ve beat a level 32 Voracidous with a level 16 or so shock Pimp (350-ish stacks).

Pimpernel is a beast of a weapon, when used right!

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Yeah, my friend might be cheating anyways, so he can’t really die regardless I think he has like 80% hp bonus in his badass rank with only having like 18,000, so his hp is around 140k at level 51 which I don’t think is possible with his perks, and shield, but I could be wrong.

Also an FYI, Bl2 just popped up in Humble Bundle with the EULA link. It is against the Borderlands 2 2K games EULA:

80% hp bonus is not possible with a BAR that low, so good spot that this person is modding.