Mechromancer Class mod with Mag Size or a Relix with Mag size (Level <40 please! :D

Hello!:smiley: Iโ€™m new here, and sorry to start out like this. On my Mechromancer I spent an hour or two farming for the infinity pistol, and canโ€™t use due to the fact that I use Smaller, Lighter, Faster!
If anyone has a Level 42 or lower Mechromancer Class mod OR Relic that gives Mag Size over 4% that would be amazing, can give a level 30 impaler if that means anything to anyone :slight_smile: Thanks again

Xbone GT: Vx FlameZz

Edited, I am level 40 now :slight_smile:
Edited again:3 I am level 42 now:P

Anyone? Please remove this if itโ€™s classed as spam.