Mechromancer Master List: Build Collection

(Masaaki14) #21

Can we make builds for the UCP?

(Cast Iron Chef) #22

Sure. Just specify that the UCP is needed in both your write-up and what you submit to me. Thanks.

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(Masaaki14) #23

Here’s a new build for UCP :slight_smile:

Type: Mobbing
Name and link: Shock and “AAAGGGHHH”!
Level of build: OP8
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Easy

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(Cast Iron Chef) #24

Added. Thanks.

(Magepro1000) #25

anyone has build chaotic best friend build oldforum dead :frowning:

(Masaaki14) #26

Based on the name, i assume it’s a pretty standard OC-BFF build, with Deathtrap acting as a partial damage source of damage and damage sponge, and Anarchy being your main source of DPS.

(zionhian) #27
For everyone who want to check out the chaotic best friend build

(Heed the call of the Ninja Manatee!) #28

Here’s another build ported over: Chaotic Best Friend

(Heed the call of the Ninja Manatee!) #29

Here’s another one ported over @Gulfwulf


My first build “guide” @Gulfwulf

Type: Gun DPS
Name and link: Norfleet Anarchist
Level of build: 72 - OP8
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Low

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(?) #31

Type : DPS/Mobbing
Name and link : Shaktiboy’s "Insulated Discordant Bee"
Level of build : 72 - OP8
Specific gear needed : Yes
Difficulty level : High

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(Cast Iron Chef) #32

Hey Jack, thanks for submitting your builds, but would you use this format instead for all 3? Thanks:

Type : ( Gun,Melee, Survival/Support, Misc/Boss)
Name and link :
Level of build : (please list if it is OP 8 compatible)
Specific gear needed : Yes or No
Difficulty level : Low, Med, High

(?) #33

Hopefully that works. Let me know if I need to change anything else.

(Cast Iron Chef) #34

That’s it. Did you update your other two entries? If so, I’ll get them added as well. Thanks.

(?) #35

All three are in the format you sent me. hopefully…

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