Mechromancer Master List: Build Collection

Thanks to Mirrorada for the original list.

##If you have a build you wish to have added to the OP please list the following when submitting your build:

Manufacturer: (name of manu.)
Type: ( Gun,Melee, Survival/Support, Misc/Boss)
Name and link:
Level of build: (please list if it is OP 8 compatible)
Specific gear needed: Yes or No
Difficulty level: Low, Med, High

Here’s the code for easier submissions:

**Manufacturer:** (name of manu.) **OR** **Type:** ( DPS, Tank, Survival/Support, Melee, Misc/Boss) **Name and link:** **Level of build:** **Specific gear needed:** Yes or No **Difficulty level:** Low, Med, High

Builds are broken down by their primary function. However, this does not mean that a build falls under the “Pure DPS” category is restrictive to ONLY dps. The tags are set up so that we can organize builds based on what their biggest strength is. This should make it easier for people to find a build archetype that they want to play with. Note: I will only be adding builds that are posted here. Thanks.

All builds are property of their original creators.

Type: DPS/Mobbing
Name and link: Lucifers Blade
Level of build: 72 - OP 10
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Med

Type : DPS/Mobbing
Name and link : Shaktiboy’s “Insulated Discordant Bee”
Level of build : 72 - OP8
Specific gear needed : Yes
Difficulty level : High

Type: Gaige Melee DPS
Name and link: Mechromaniac
Level of build: 72-Op8
Specific Gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: High

Type: Gaige Gun DPS
Name and link: Chaotic Best Friend
Level of build: 72 -OP8
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Med

Type: Gun DPS
Name and link: Shocking Anarchist
Level of build: 72-OP 8
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Med

Type: DPS/Survival
Name and link: Cykotr0n’s The Shocking B!tch
Level of build: 72-OP 8.
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Med

Type: DPS/Hybrid
Name and link: Bouncing Bullet Barrage
Level of build: 50 - OP6
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Low - Moderate (depending on level of play set)

Type: Mobbing (UCP 3.0 or higher required!)
Name and link: Shock and “AAAGGGHHH”!
Level of build: OP8
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Easy

Type : Melee
Name and link : Melee Gaige [Build] OP10 Melee Gaige Build
Level of build : OP10
Specific gear needed : Yes
Difficulty level : Med if using Moxxi weapons, High if not.

Manufacturer: Jakobs (mostly)
Name and link: Jakobs Gaige (A.K.A. Meredith)
Level of build: 72
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Low to medium (depends on the situation, boss and such)

//DeathTrap DPS


Type: Hybrid
Name and link: Anarchy Reigns!
Level of build: 50+
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Med

Type: Hybrid/DPS
Name and link: Shrimpling’s Interspersed Outburst Guide and Manic Technophile Builds
Level of build: 50 & 61 only.
Specific gear needed: Just COMs
Difficulty level: Medium

Type: Mobbing/Hybrid (UCP 5.0.3 Required!)
Name and link: Elemental Gaige (Elemental Gaige Build (OP 10, UCP 5.0.3))
Level of build: OP 10
Specific gear needed: Yes
Difficulty level: Low - Moderate

Top Gear for Gaige
[DDD] Gaige’s skills for you (From the old forum; to be ported over). Skill Calculator

Get your Build added!

**Step 1: A link to YOUR dedicated thread or write up on your build.**

This can be a thread here on the forums, a Deviant Art write up, or a Google document write up. If there is a physical page on the Internet some where with a write up of your build, you’re good. (Please see the very last section in this post on tips and tricks for a build write up).

**Step 2: Your Build’s Name.**

If you haven’t come up with a name yet, it’s O.K. This is optional.

**Step 3: What type of build is this?**

Is it pure DPS? Is it a boss farming build or one for a specific boss fight? Take a look at the different categories and pick which one best describes your build. What level is it for 50? 61? for leveling?

**Step 4: If you’ve made it to this step, CONGRATULATIONS!**

No really, Thank you for reading this far.

Tips and Tricks for an AWESOME build write up

Here are a few key things to have on your dedicated page, thread or document for your build.

  • Have either a screen shot or a link to a skill calculator with the build set up.

  • Describe what the build is intended for.

  • If your build requires or is dependent on a certain gear set up, list needed gear items, and if you can how to acquire said items.

  • Be descriptive. The more information you provide about your build, the better. Describe why you’ve chosen the skills you have, why the gear or weapons you have listed are a ‘Must Have’, Even videos of the build in action. Anything helps people make a better informed decision on your build and if it’s something they might like to try.


Added. Thanks! :dukeaffirmative:

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Skill tree builder links are…pretty broken.
I’ll just post these links here so you can just copy them :wink:
bl2db isn’t a thing anymore and 87bazillion doesn’t have skill builder for gaige.
Also, thanks for porting :smile:

I updated the links. Thanks.

Is there a viable link to the Chaotic Best Friend skill tree? Both the thread image and link are broken (old forum syndrome).

The link here is working for me.

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The link to the old forum page works for me, but once I’m there the image for the build itself and the two links directly underneath it (The “Chaotic Best Friend” General Mobbing & Questing & The “Chaotic Best friend” Digistruct Peak - build link) are broken.

Ah. Here you go:

Top one being the general mobbing build? And thanks.

Yep. The old forums put the old prefix on the links, which is why they weren’t working.

Well, post couldn’t be empty, so disregard this text i suppose.

Added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

I think the Interspersed Outburst/Technophile buids fit best under hybrid?

Manic Technophile
Hybrid/DPS (with and without DT)
Level of Build: 50, 61 (at level 72, these builds merge with some of the existing ones)
Specific gear needed: Select COMs but otherwise no
Difficulty level: medium

Added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

Hope this isn’t too much of a necro for this topic, but I thought I should finally go ahead and add this to the list.

But if it is, my mistake. :sweat_smile:


Not a problem. All builds are accepted provided they’re complete and I have all of the requested information. Added. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

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I have an update for it in progress, but it’s more of an add-on update so yes it is by all accounts complete.

Ok, so mostly complete. :dukejk: