Medals need an overhaul. Silver for soloing The Algorithm on Advanced/Hardcore?!

So I’ve solo’d The Algorithm on Advanced/Hardcore 3 times now and the third time was about as smooth as I can possibly manage and I just barely got a Silver medal. From what I understand, there is a group bonus for playing with others, and unless someone can prove me wrong, I’m going to say there is absolutely no way you can get a gold or platinum(?) medal without it. I understand wanting to encourage grouping and maybe even giving a bonus for it, but I find it ridiculous that a solo player can’t get the top medal even though what they are doing is vastly harder.

Video Proof:

AFAIk it’s extremely difficult to get high medals in algorithm. At least it was like that during beta.

Edit: your problem is probably at least partially the time : 53 minutes. AFAIk the longer you take the less bonus you get.

In general I think it’s very hard to get above a silver solo because you get points for killing enemies and there are more enemies with more people.

Time really didn’t seem to be much of a factor. I did another run in 47 minutes and I actually got a much lower score and I assume that’s because I picked up less of the bonus things from killing bosses. I really think it’s impossible to get gold or above solo and I would love for someone to prove me wrong.

The medal system seems a little… odd at the moment. I wish there was more information as to what exactly contributes to a higher score so we know what to aim for. It would also be nice if this system took the number of players into consideration so that the medal related challenges can be accomplished both solo and in a group just as easily.

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Well I can tell you for certain that time is either no factor in score or a very small factor. I did a run on void’s edge in 53 minutes picking up everything and got 83,000. Did it again and sped through it in under 30 and got 65,000.

I was so chuffed when I finally completed the Experiment. On advanced solo, no deaths, 37 minutes, and I got 56k points and a bronze medal! How am I supposed to get silver! I got 340 kills! 22k shards! 103k damage dealt!

How am I supposed to complete all missions on Advanced and get a Silver Medal when I don’t have any idea what I’m supposed to do to get a silver medal. :sweat:

Damn, I thought that the medal was time based.

I did a normal elite run got 50k points in hardcore , got a bronze , but got a 49k with team mates in normal no hardcore a silver, and a solo adavance 48k bronze, so looks like need team mates, for the higher silvers and golds. Have not tryed the hardcore advance at the algorithm , when i solo advance i only died 2 times on and both them times were just stupidity on my part. so i know can do the elite hardcore, I am sure it will be a bronzed.

I think it has to do with the time completed , players in the party since there more enemy , and the bonus points you get that last for few seconds after kill a main boss, type npc. And deaths. if you raise your self lose out ,

I got gold on normal experiment random group players , 71k points , with 5 people , and never once used a raise. and was like 30 min. long,

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oh wait. I have an obvious “solution” to this. I’ll make a thread about it.

It’ll be something like “How are medals awarded?” I’ll edit it in here in a minute.

Here: Devs/GBX - How are Medals Awarded?

Actually, because of enemy scaling, in many cases, soloing is actually easier. You have the same amount of defenses but less enemies in addition to less elite type enemies.

The drastically reduced amount of enemies is one of the reasons it is easier to get higher scores in a group.

Fair enough, I haven’t actually grouped in the game except for co-op with my fiancee so I guess I can’t speak to which situation is harder. However, the main point is still valid that getting the top medal is actually impossible to do solo (unless someone can prove otherwise) and that it should not be. I don’t really care if it takes a flawless run under insane circumstances, as long as it’s actually possible to achieve solo I’d be happy with it.

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Me and my friend got gold medals on solo play. You just need to know what to do. Here is how:

1.) kill as many enemies as possible for the normal score (blue points)

2.) you can find additional blue points in so called “chests” along the way. So opeb everything you can.

Now most people do these 2 things and go like "But I am still only at bronze."
Here is why:

3.) Team Bonus:
These are the yellow points you see on the top left of the statistics during gameplay. These points are only obtained by “picking them up”.

They are dropped by either big chests (after opening those chests yellow points pop out like 2 seconds later) and by bosses. Bosses drop them multiple times (2 or 3 times) after losing HP and again when they die.

Here is the catch… Those yellow points or “orbs” disapear after a few seconds so you have to be quick with picking them up. Probably the reason why they are called team bonus.

And here is an example at how important yellow orbs are:

I got gold with my friend on sentinel.
We had:
32k blue points
51k team bonus

So we had 83k points and got gold.

So once again. Team Bonus is important as hell when you try to get gold. So always run for the yellow orbs.

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You’re misunderstanding solo. I’m talking about one person playing a mission, you’re talking about a duo.

I am talking about solo… The example was just to show how important team bonus orbs are

I’m well aware of how important they are, but it doesn’t change the fact that a solo player literally can’t get a gold medal on any of the missions except for Saboteur and Heliophage. You can do it on archive if you want to farm enemies for a loooong time but I don’t count that.

I did farm at the boss, but those points arent needed for gold… Just wanted a new record xD

Map was voids edge

I really don’t know why you are trying to portray that a normal run where you don’t farm is going to end up in a gold medal. You got 75,950 bonus points, that’s a TON of farming. Your average run is going to get you about 20-25k bonus score and end up in a silver medal. With a teammate that will raise that significantly but we’re talking about a solo run here.