Media/promo kit for streamers

I’ve been looking around like crazy and can’t find any good media that can assist me in designing my stream overlay.

Is there any sort of press kit or content creator kit that has actual screenshots of the in-game interfaces?

I need to layout my cam and info feeds and don’t want them to cover anything up.

You mean like these that I just did a Google search for?

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Seems like a small camera in the top left corner is your best bet based on what was posted above. Anywhere else and your cam is going to cover up something important, either the menus or part of the gameplay HUD.

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I bow to your awesome powers of Google. Thank you very much.

Although I was hoping for something official. I already have these images.

The first image is official if I am not mistaken. It was released a while ago. The other two are the only things I could find that were clean enough to work. If you don’t mind watching some recent gameplay, I know plenty of the more recent videos (typically the 20ish minute ones) go through the menus before playing. They might help a bit.

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I’m bumping this thread in the hopes that it will catch the attention of a dev.

Please just one official, full-res image of the game ui would be awesome.