Medical Nano-Colony Legendary has self-contradicting stats

So, I’ve just reached commander rank 100 and was awarded with a Legendary loot pack. Inside it I found this legendary i question:

Medical Nano-Colony (syringe-type)
+6.29 Health Regeneration per second
+25.14 Shield Recharge per second
Gain 3.77 Health Regeneration per second while your shield is charging.

When I saw it I was like… what the heck? Is that a legendary?
State of a shield being recharged is that time when it regenerates, and only that time. It usually lasts for a few seconds at best, even less with that legendary active because it INCREASES shield recharge rate. You’ll be regenerating that 3.77 additional health per second for 4-5 seconds tops. And this piece of work costs 1800 to activate.

I have a syringe that gives me +7.00 flat health regen and +4.20 health regen if I stay alive for 180 seconds. I have another one that gives same stats, but provides bonus regen while shield is DEPLETED, not recharging, which is more useful, since that regen will be ticking during fights. Both those syringes cost 900~. That’s half the price of that legendary. And both of them are better at what they do.

This must be one of the worst legendaries I’ve ever seen.

This is… Hilariously bad.

Any pictures?

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Well, here is a screenshot I made when I “unboxed” it:

Yeah, that’s not terribly inspiring. Swap out the shield regen for flat health increase and then it would be ok, I guess. Or maybe make it double your existing health regen while shields are charging. That would be neat, and you could paint it up with gear that reduces regen rate.

Might be slightly less meh on Kleese and S&A 'cause of their inflated shields.

It’s still awful though.

Yeah, definitely not worth the cost, even on them.

Gets me thinking though; with a +shield gear, and a -shield regen delay, and possibly -shield regen rate on both of them, Kleese or Deande with augments that pop their shields could sustain themselves for a while. Obviously not worth the shards in a match in which there is any vested interest of winning, but it’d be pretty funny.

Yeah, I get it. But the bottom line is that a few extra health regen during a limited window doesn’t seem terribly “legendary”. Again, if it were a regen multiplier, that’s an item I would use on Attikus, Shayne, Kleese in a heartbeat. Actually, that would be downright godly on Attikus. I can haz?

While its good for having health and shield regen one one peice for a large number of characters (Shayne, Orendi come to mind)

Thats no legendary, ive got a few items that the game thinks are legendary but are just really high stats but are otherwise normal purples.

It is a legendary, because of its unique effect. Health regen during shield recharge is unique to this gear, and that makes it a legendary.

There is no question it’s a legendary. Just really, really bad one.