Medicinal Use Only - So Close!

Guys I’m less than 900 assists away from “Medicinal Use Only” (10,000 assists)!

Alternately, im still 5 or 6 thousand away from Angel of Death…


what character do you play? That seems like something that would happen to a Reyna main.

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He has everyone at 15 from what I’ve heard, all in PVP. So it’s no particular character leaning


And an Alani main and an Ambra main and a Miko main. I’ve learned to start counting success in damage dealt and victory as my kill/assist ratio is about 1/3 respectively.

Congrats @FlamesForAll


Yeah I’ve got every charwcter at 15 and 22 out of 29 mastered…,I just tend to get 3 times as many assusts than kills.

Thanks, guys.

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I feel your pain. Just the other day I went 2/2/28 as Marquis. . . . The freaking sniper!

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LOL, I have been playing PVP for ages and I’m still surprised to see people with either the medicinal or angel of death tags.

I get tons of kills a game and I’m only at like 25% for angel of death and like 50% for medicinal. Considering how bugged this game still is, I’m guessing the numbers for mine are far higher than shown on my list.

I have a number of titles “completed” but still not available. Some interesting information tied to those that aren’t.

Worthy of a song and Bada bada boom. I was 100% sure I had never achieved either of these based off results of ending matches. When the update came, wouldn’t you know…I had both of them at 100% and never given to me. This leads me to believe the kill counts (for me at least) must have been far greater than advertised to achieve the title. I made it to 23 or 24 a couple of times “on paper”, but never visually seen me go over 25. So you for sure can’t trust those numbers.

Obliterator. This is where it gets interesting. Since its only 250 wins you can keep track of how many wins you get. Last Thursday, I logged off needing only 2. I played Saturday and won 4 times…I still need 2 more apparently. So yeah, this one isn’t counting right either…

In the end, how long ago did I actually complete some of these and still didn’t get the credit?? Their data is busted as all hell and it’s obvious.

It’s entirely possible you are far closer to Medicanal than those numbers suggest. When it gets closer to 100 keep an eye on it. I bet you it’s not counting them all. Just based solely off what I’ve seen from my own game.


I actually had my angel of death and medicinal use title at an oddly close range. I got medicinal use first,then the very next match got angel of death. Happened a couple of months ago


Those percentages factor in Private Versus matches. :wink:
I also have ‘Coopetition’ and ‘BADA BADA BOOM’ at 100% and locked, because I got to the required kills in Bot matches, but never in a Public match.

(Interestingly, some statistics on the XBox Live Achievement page overview also include private matches. Putting me at +13000 kills lol :grin: )

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That may explain some of it. I’ve only played like 1 private match though so hopefully mine are legit?

Yeah, as I said: Titles definitely only unlock under legit circumstances.
Only the completion percentage shown will factor in private matches. So basically, it’s just a visual thing.

And from what I can tell, this mainly affects specific kill threshold titles (namely ‘BADA BADA BOOM’, ‘Worthy of Song’ and ‘Coopetition’).

Other titles relating to kills/assists (‘Angel of Death’ / ‘MEDICINAL USE ONLY’) only properly count kills/assists from public matches.

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Im gunna go ahead and disagree with you there. I’ve verified 100% that I have the coopetion locked still and I achieved it a number of matches in a row.

I have also seen the game not include games won on PVP either in private or global. I’m 2 away from obliterator and I have won a number of times since it’s been 2.

I’ve played very few bot matches and its far more likely that the numbers came from PVP even in those cases.

I’m gunna believe something I’ve visually seen happening on my account on this one. There is just too much of a flaw in the data to not see that it’s in fact a data issue and not something else.


Well, both ‘Worthy of Song’ and ‘Coopetition’ have been glitched to begin with.
So, the newly added percentage display would show 100% anyway (factoring in both private and public matches).

Since you legitimately achieved the required Kills in a public match, I suggest to file a Support Ticket to get the title(s) you deserve. :wink: (providing a Score Screenshot with visible Match ID should be sufficient)

/Edit: Come to think of it, I bet it’s the same for the ‘Right Behind You’ title, although I can’t confirm this as I already got it anyway.

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That’s the thing about it. Seems more likely I “received it” some time ago. There would be no way to provide a screen shot of their apparent data issues. You just can’t trust it and have to know it’s going on.

In the end, I’m so far past the point of opening a ticket just to get some titles. Especially since now it’s visually true where as before I had a suspicion it was a problem. It was outright confirmed after the update.

With this much data integrity being a problem, how much larger of a population does it affect. @FlamesForAll original post was on how close he was. With this evidence, it’s possible he’s even closer than what it “says”.

/Edit: (Inviting @JoeKGBX, you might want to take a look at this.)
Ok, I just now saw this topic in the support section, where apparently this percentage display was used as proof for a (legit) Coopetition title, I believe this issue might be more problematic than I thought.

No, he was talking about the ‘Medicinal Use Only’ title, which isn’t even affected by this particular bug. (Meaning the percentage displayed is correct.)

What I can confirm is that wrong percentages (up to 100% while still locked) can be reached through private matches for the following titles:

  • Worthy of Song
  • Coopetition

(All of these are titles I never reached in a public match, but several times in private matches.)

As I said, I suspect ‘Right Behind You’ might be affected as well, but since I legitimately got it I can’t confirm this.
Those are all titles that track a specific variable threshold for a single match.

All other titles counting kills/assists throughout your career that are still locked show their proper completion percentage based on my public PVP stats. So I’d assume, these work as intended.

My point with that issue was that those are two unrelated problems.
Coopetition (and Worthy of Song) were glitched for as long as I can remember, there were at least 20 threads about this on the forums. While that is a problem that will need to get fixed eventually, the situation hasn’t been made worse by this simple display issue.

Also, I don’t see a data integrity issue with what I mentioned above.
After all, I was referring to a discrepancy between what is shown on the Xbox Achievement Page and what is shown in-game.
My in-game statistics are correct, it’s just the data gathered by an Xbox App that’s faulty.


I checked my list and discovered two of the 3, with coopetition obviously being one because its been bugged since like day one, being at 100% but locked. That said, I’ve gotten my worthy of song, I know i’ve reached coopetition a number of times, the first being 62, then 61, 74/73, etc. and bada bada boom I never even realized I had 100% cause I don’t remember getting all 12 in a single match and I’ve only ever played no more than 5 private matches and I KNOW I never did that good either in any of those matches either. the % is just at 100 for bada bada boom so I must’ve gotten it or the numbers are bugged or the title is bugged? I didn’t read any comments beforehand quite throughly just in case this is stated somewhere in here.


  • It is rather difficult (or downright impossible) to get on certain characters.
  • Until the introduction of this progress indicator, there was simply no way to actually check if you did get the full number of kills.

So, I’d assume you either got it during one of your private matches (even one match could be enough), or the title is indeed bugged as well.

If that’s the case, the above points would be the reasons why affected players couldn’t notice it before.
After all, my first guess after trying to get the title (and not getting it) would be that I must’ve been one or two kills short.

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Aside from Coopetition, I’ve had zero problems with titles unlocking via PVP.

The only ones I haven’t gotten are the three sum, four sum, pentakill, BADA bada boom, worthy and some new Operationa titles.

I check my assists versus my “Medicinal” challenge progress after every match. Why only 3-20 assists per match, it goes up pret slow.

That being said, title progress reporting for vsrious character lores is DEFINITELY glitched, so why should these be any different?

That’s a bit of a jump when it’s clear that it keeps successful track of things like that. The problem is in how that information is applied