Meesh/Kasteron's Battleborn Fanart


Thought I’d jump on the art thread train and add one of my own.
Battleborn’s been a big inspiration for both creating art and improving my technique and style, such that this is the most fan art for one fandom I’ve ever drawn.
I’ll start with the earlier ones and work on up to more recent pieces.


My first ever battleborn fanart, the first in a long line of…Kleese.

Punk!Kleese tries to relive his younger years


Reference to that Steve Buscemi meme


My icon here (A joke about Kleese using gel to mold his beard into different shapes)


My rendition of what Kleese looked like when he was younger


Digital painted style Kleese


When Kleese tries to flex


Kleese’s best beachwear


Alani among the lilies

Cursed image: Kleese without his facial hair


Pumpkin Toby! This one was my first time getting featured on gearbox’s social media channels


New Year’s Kleese, another one that was shared by Gearbox’s twitter

My steam icon


Mellka X Deande


Kleese and Ghalt on the ship (I figure similar events are frequent occurrences on Nova)


My favorite Mellka art I’ve done


Rendain and Constable Cuddles (before CC was revealed to be a pug), with a sizzling mad Ambra

When Thorn got that new taunt, this was all I could think of.


Kleese, based on a Phineas & Ferb meme


And, my latest: this month’s Inktober pieces (which I will update at the end of the month with the complete showing)







Lastly, some of my original characters:


Ashika Varma, current head of LLC Minion RBX (suck it, Kleese) and master bo staff user.


Davrius, the Watcher of Tempest (AKA Dave the Weatherman). A Jennerit highborn who manipulates the fiery storms of Tempest, in order to keep the settled areas liveable by keeping the worst of the destructive storms at bay. He uses a staff and ceremonial headgear/garb much like how Ambra controls her sun-related powers.

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Ooh! A stretch of Sexy Idle Pose Toby!


He’s staring into your soul

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My Finisci hearthrob can stare wherever he wants… Licks beak.

I-I mean… Awesome picture, dude!

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Get that sh*t as a tatoo, and you will retain forum fame forever. Or for about 5 minutes, whichever comes first.

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As well as bring great shame to my family, haha!

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Gorgeous work! I think Alani covered in waterlily pads is my favourite :heart:

Just to point out this thread my fellow moderator made today - It´s basically a manual how to summarize pictures in a drop-down menu to make the thread easier & faster to load for PC´s with slower webconnection.


Thank you! I’m newer to the forum so I wasn’t aware of that, but I edited the post now so it should be better. I can certainly sympathize with those on data or connection caps/speed troubles, so I’m happy to make it easier for everyone.

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That´s awesome, thank you! Definately easier for my old steammachine!

The announcement is fresh & new, so no worries. Over the last days there has been a huge influx of art, and before most forum-artists rarely posted more than 5 pics at once.

But feel free to “unhide” your favourite piece or top 3-5 :slight_smile:

If you need any help getting used to the Forum just drop me or a fellow mod a message :heart:

Oh, forgot to say: I LOVE this bit of fanmade lore! It fits perfect for the gravity-manipulating tech and the dark, opulent style of the Jennerit!

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Woohoo, nice work also Benedict Yusss!

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I really dig the young kleese. No idea why

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This thread has actually changed my opinion on Kleese a little, @loving-hatred. :wink:

Can I just say how much I love the inktober sketches too? Every single one of them is amazing.

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Better than nuthin!