Meet Battleborn's Villain -- Lothar Rendain

Randy Varnell (@jythri) sat down with GameSpot to talk more about Lothar Rendain, the Jennerit and the Varelsi. Check out the full interview here:

And watch the new trailer!


Really cool.
Both the video and the interview.

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Nice read. Lots of good info about the Jennerit. I sence Rath, and any other Jennerit, may have a deeper vengeance against Mr. Torgue. I mean Rendain, than most. At least Id assume.

agreed. lots of good information about an as yet unknown enemy. and a funny video to boot. thanks for breaking the lack of material we have had since gamescom.


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I can’t help but think of Mister Torgue. Hope he’ll be a better villain than Handsome Jack was.

All hail chris rager.

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Since he’s likely the real reason why there are no lasers in BL2, it would at least be interesting to find out how and why!


sorry couldn’t take this trailer seriously, got flashbacks from an old Dungeon keeper trailer and started giggling throughout the trailer.

and what the pffff. Mr. Torgue = Redain !!!??!!!¿¿¿!!!

The ‘butt theatrics’ really came out of left field. Like he was at a 4, then he saw naked dwarf butt, then he went to a 20.