Meet other Borderlands players. Enter psn id and level of character

Enter your id for others to add you to play together on Borderlands.

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Psn: Irsik23

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psn: yhoda_hyuuga

Vindogg2_ds 24 Athena

Im a Lvl 32

GumboGong, lvl 15 Axton, UK

SLS678 - I’m on ps4 just started again has I have lost all my PS3 data where I had all legendary.

PSN McPwnsauce currently playing a 38 Lawbringer

SLS678 add me I’m on in the evenings but on all of next week in the days

(PS4)- PSN ID- WarriorPoet1980. Starting from scratch as I previously played on 360 a couple years back. Leveling a fresh Siren as my main, tried Axton, and well, the Siren’s more my style. Just can’t get a feel for the Commando. Anyhow, add me, and let’s go hunting/farming/leveling etc.

MAAD_Trill lvl 61 bl2 lvl 50 pre sequel

psn: Lmkurty, just looking for some people to play with. From Australia lvl 50 siren atm. Hit me up

DCInHD add for tps

psn: annihil88torr

level 72 gunzerker USA

Hello Everyone! looking to join in on BL2 and BLPS games hopefully power level some characters.

PSN: R0b3ast12

BL2: Lvl 50 Commando & Lvl 5 Psycho

BLTPS: Lvl 50 Wilhelm & Lvl 18 Doppelganger

PSN: majiinx

I’m coming from PC so most of my characters are fresh. I’m focusing on TPS but open to playing BL2 and open to fresh playthroughs with a new group.

Currently I have a 48 Jack, 20 Athena and 9 Auerila

BL2 I have a lvl 16 Gaige, 39 Sal

I also have a Mic as well and I’m willing to start fresh characters with people and help out.

rimaxo14 - lvl 25 gunzerker- please have a mic and lets have some fun!!!

Hola soy Felipe, psn:felmanz_2099, antes jugaba en xbox 360 borderlands 2, ahora recomencé en PS4… fell free to add if you wanna play, Saludos!


Pre sequel


Lvl 50